Warcraft Footmen and Knights Strategy


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Again I will write about one of the most well known and basic tactics ever made. This tactic is mostly used be beginners, but can be used as well by many professionals.

This tactic is deficient in solo games, as it does not cover range, air or casters, but it is a success among team tactics and games. When it comes to heroes, it works well with Paladin (due his aura), Mountain King (Stun and surround) and with the Archmage(Water Elementals are excellent ranged units that can take damage), but not with the human’s fourth hero, as its only ability that can be useful is the ultimate (and waiting that long is bad).

This simple strategy consists of building two or even three barracks at the beginning of the game, and then massing on footmen. Usually when tier 2 arrives, player make a few upgrades and tech as fast as they can to tier 3, so then, they can make knights. The defend ability is very important in tier 1 as it improves the use of footmen against ranged units.

This tactic is more recommended for team play. The player makes footmen, because he making tech to reach tier 3. This way, if he gets attacked, he will have units to defend him or his allies. Researching Shield Defense is then very important, we don’t want our footmen to get killed by enemy ranged units – remember ranged units are a menace to your melee if you can’t get close enough to attack them. When the player is ready, he then starts creating knights, thus granting his team a strong melee.

This tactic removes the need of more melee from your team. While footmen can be massed easily, knights are very strong and powerful units that are perfect for melee games. Knights can also be upgraded to have more Hit Points, and because they are fast, they can catch and kill ranged units very fast.

If you are new, making tech is not such a great idea. It takes some time for the player to know the balance between units and tech, thus making it depend more on micro that everything else. If you units keep dying, you will have to produce more and therefore you won’t have enough resources to tech.

Also, this tactic does not cover air, ranged or caster units. If the enemy has a whole mass of Gargoyles, Chimeras, Gryphons or anything else, remember the fact that you won’t be able to attack them, unless a team mate is there to help you out. If the enemy transforms your whole army into a sheep, than you won’t have many chances as well....

However, we most not ignore ranged units as well. Although you may have Defense Shield upgrade on your footmen, they will still be easy targets to hit-and-run attacks. Also remember that they are slower when they use the ability, so you must wait until having some knights if you want to cause several damage on the enemy ranks. Still, remember the armor – most ranged units deal extra damage to Heavy Armor … So micro becomes again a necessity, even counting on the fact that your units have more Hit Points then ranged units.

It’s all for now! Hope you enjoyed!