Fave strategy's


Hi, i was wondering what everyone elses fave strat's r.
One of my fave(not nescasarilly good) strat's with zerg is to burrow a ton of zerglings at the start, wait till the enemy pours his units into my base, then pop them up and close in. U?


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Thats not to good of a strat for me because I play offensively.

My fav strat is to get Defilers and Hydra's or if the enemy is going with ground units I go with Defilers and Lings, sometimes Ultra's if I'm loaded with resources.


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i have a lot of resourses when i play so with terrens i do this around my hole base put bunkers and deployed seige tanks then in the bunkers put 3 marines and 2 firebats then build a lot of vallkaries for air support and kill them with a rush of goliths and wraiths


i liek to mak hydras really fast and just get few sunkens to kill offf any zergling rush. then i get mutas and make liek 100 mutas anfd attack the nexus of the enemy.


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I would go something like a few Carriers and lots of dragoons, but before I attack I would recall some 8 or so reavers into the center of there base and create a minor distraction, LOL. I had some rush problems though- I was more of a 3v3 shared bases person that a ladder. And Ilso, I was UMS crazy!


I use a wraith strategy with the terran, rushing early on with wraiths and cloaking with them (around 5-7 minutes).

For Protoss I am a little more defensive, but I do use a DT/shuttle drop/goon/reaver technique.

I don't use zerg to often, but I try to go with Gaurdians, scourges, and queens.


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I like to use a strat rarely seen on sc, a absi ultralisk rush..you should see the reaction of people when they see 8 ultralisk storming in their base on a map like blood bath lol.



when im terran in the fastest map ever possible i make four supply depots then four barraks then 6 seige tanks. and turrets all arouned the base.. behind that about 16 starports to ppour out bc


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i my self make about 5bye5 rows of barracks and 12 starports and poor out gals and tanks first and while there dieing i mass wraiths and while there dieing i mass bcÜ
Originally posted by SimpleplanROCKS
i my self make about 5bye5 rows of barracks and 12 starports and poor out gals and tanks first and while there dieing i mass wraiths and while there dieing i mass bcÜ
Or could gain some better skills by playing non-money maps. Oh, and try to BS someone on a non-money map...good luck...
Duh. But it's harder. If my teammate tries to enter my base for a reason other than helping me if im under attack. I tell him to get the **** out!