[FAQ] The Dupe Faq... A Newbie's Guide to Duping.

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Q: Omgz!!1 I found this website, www.omgzfreidupez4j00.freewebhost.nl.omgfree.uk.jp.blub, and they said that they would sell me a
working dupe for only $5!!1 Is it for real??/?SHIFT + SLASH?/?

A: No. You will, at best, pay for directions on how to perform an old non-functional dupe that has long since been patched. A much more
likely scenario, however, is that you will receive a Trojan or virus which will attempt to steal your cdkeys, accounts, or worse. Never download anything
posted on a free hosting service with an extension such as .nl or tripod. In any event, no matter how convincing the website seems to be, it is a scam 100%.
You will never receive a working dupe in this way.

Furthermore, never ask in a forum weather or not a dupe is legit. You will always receive the same resounding "NO", followed by several pages of flaming and
"omg what a noob."

Q: Can someone please scan this file for me to see if its a Trojan?

A: No. There's no point in wasting your time. If you found a dupe at a 3rd party site, it is either completely worthless, or trojaned.
If you want to check to see if a file is infected, your best bet is to use an online meta-scanner engine. These are servers which will upload your file, scan
it with multiple antiviruses, and return the results. The best meta-scanners are: http://virusscan.jotti.org/ and http://www.virustotal.com/ These services
have size limitations and are rather slow, especially for large files. To scan multiple files, you have to archive them and upload the archive.

No antivirus can say with 100% certainty weather or not something is infected, and even a "multi-scanner" will not detect custom designed, or unique exploits
and trojans. No scanner is a substitute for using common sense when downloading executables. It is not usually difficult to tell weather or not a program is
from a reputable source. Always do some research, checking multiple sources before downloading anything questionable. Remember, if it sounds too good to be
true, It is.

Q: Where can I find a working public dupe method?

A: Reliable public dupe methods are exceptionally rare and short lived. Blizzard is quick to patch any major dupe exploits that are made
known to the general population. If there is currently a public dupe method available, it will almost certainly be posted here:

If discovered, Public dupes are usually unreliable, complex, and difficult to perform.

Q: I have tons of money to burn and want to buy a private dupe. How can i go about doing so?

A: Not by asking on a forum. Private dupes are not for sale. Even for outrageous sums of money, you would be hard-pressed to find a
legitimate working method. Don't waste your time or money.

If you still feel like squandering your money, your best bet is probably to go to the source and email the ebayers and item shops with your offers. Don't
hold your breath on a response.

Again, asking this on any forum will usually result in mass flames, pissed off mods, and most likely, a locked topic.

Q: I heard that if you perform certain actions in just the right way in-game, it is possible to cause enough lag on the server-side to
desynch the game, thereby duping your items. Is this true?

A: Probably not. In the past, people have had limited success with lagging games using methods such as 7 guys throwing poison javelins
at bone walls, or causing the torch to rapidly cast inferno while firing arrows at cows in the secret cow level. Such crude methods usually have a high
failure rate, and are quickly patched if they are even remotely successful. You must know that these methods rely on causing lag on the server-side, not to
be confused with the apparent lag caused on the client-side. Even then, it is relatively easy for blizzard to safeguard against accidental duping by
exploiting this method.

Example: You can pay $20 dollars at www.d2-dupe.com for such a "dupe program". For your twenty dollars, you will receive an executable which has no function
other than to display the following message in a text box:

shitty dupe from www.d2-dupe.com wrote:In order to dupe your items complete all of the following:
1) Click Run Hack to enable the hacking process
2) Zon/Necro/Mule all go into the same game.
3) Necro bone walls the hell out of the Blood Moor. You need a LOT of bonewalls. Also, don't box in the Zon's, if possible.
4) Zon's poison javs the hell out of the bone walls, also cast slow missile. The necro also poison nova's the bone walls.
5) The combination of all this causes mager server side lag.
6) Once the mules ping hits a huge rate, somebody else logs into the mules account.
7) Select the char the mule is using.
Attempt to join the game the mule is in. You should get 'Failed to join'
9) Keep trying to get in untill you get 'Game does not exist'. The game is now de-synched.
10) Mule outside of game makes a new game, drops all the stuff.
11) New mule picks up the stuff. Save and exit.
The small button at the bottom of this window labeled "Run Hack" has no function other than to open a
second message box displaying the message: "Duping Process Can Now Begin".

Q: Okay, but if there is no known method of duping, where do all the duped runes, sojs, jewels, and other items come from on the

A: Obviously the dupes are coming from somewhere, but it is not known who does the duping, or even that these items are the result of an
actual item duplication process. Any answer you hear to this on any forum is total speculation.

One theory is that its just a closely guarded secret kept by item shop owners and small groups of individuals, or even only a single person or group that
wholesales to all the item shops. Others speculate that the duped items come from people with special permissions, such as the realm hosts, or even battlenet
themselves. But again, this is only speculation. To my knowledge, no credible Diablo "authority" has any hard answers, or has even witnessed a dupe procedure.
And if they do, they aren't giving any hints... (and with good reason.)

Q: Why is duping so secretive? Why is it so hard to find a dupe method? How do the item shops operate?

A: If the dupes are the result of an exploit or flaw, it is probably not very obvious, as people have reverse engineered and analyzed
every last corner of the game, and carefully reviewed any information that can be obtained from the realm servers.

Rumors spread like wildfire amongst the d2 communities. If there is a real dupe exploit, and more than a handful of people knew how to do it, then it would be very easy for the technique to get slipped to the public, and there would be no more duping fun.

Item shops obtain their items either through creating/duplicating the items themselves, purchasing the items, finding the items, or stealing the items. Regardless of where the dupes come from, there is obviously some serious motivation to keep the source a secret. Item sales are certainly a lucrative business, as some eBay shops have hundreds of thousands of feedbacks from customers.

Q: Blizzard owns the servers and controls all of the items. Why can't they track where the items come from and fix the dupe?

A: Also unknown. There are a few possible solutions:

  • They might just not care, as is evidenced by the slow patching of d2jsp and other easily detectable exploits. This seems unlikely since duping is one of the most prominent problems with the Diablo community.
  • Due to technical reasons, the dupe might just not be fixable. This is evidenced by implementing dupe scans and item identifiers that cause items to poof, but no fix to the source of the problem. This also seems unlikely because they control all aspects of their servers. Any exploit should in theory be easily traceable and fixable. Also, if this were the case, there would be no point in keeping the dupe a secret since releasing it would not threaten the dupe method itself. This would also ruin battlenet entirely since the economy would be come inflated with dupes, making items worthless.
  • It might be an inside job, as described above. This would explain a whole lot. Dupes are prominent, yet nobody knows the method. They don't fix the problem, yet they crack down on other minor hacks like maphacks and bots. They do dupescans to keep the number of duped items in circulation under control, but still don't fix the problem. Doing something like this could also be very profitable. Again, this is all speculation, but possible.

Q: Omg! I just accidentally duped an item!! How'd that happen?

A: Computers aren't perfect. Random glitches, including dupes, do occasionally happen. Its likely that your dupe will disappear as soon
as you leave your game, and that your dupe procedure (if you can remember how you did it) cannot be replicated. There are some bugs, especially when trading,
that can cause a false dupe to appear as a remnant image. This is just a client-side fluke, and no corresponding item exists server-side.

If you can manage to reproduce the results of your method then... if you're smart, you'll keep it to yourself... ^^

Q: My friend knows a guy who has a friend who knows a guy that works for an item store who can dupe and says he'll hook us up for a
price. Omg isn't this awesome!?!

A:No. Your friend's friend is full of B.S. As is described above, the number of people that perform "duping" is very limited. They have
no reason to share their secrets. Please don't fall for such a lame scam...

Q: How do I know which sites are trustworthy?

A: D2 communities generally fall into a few categories:

  • Trade sites focus on item trading. The most popular and effective ones are the biggest since trades get exposed to the largest number of people. These sites usually rely on trustworthiness and a good trade system to become popular. These sites normally don't have very much to do with item scamming, hacks, or dupes. Examples of the biggest are: D2jsp.org (all realms), dtrades.org (useast), gamemunchers (now http://www.rpg-trading.net/), and salinet (Europe, formerly d2trade.pl)
  • Discussion and informational communities generally don't incorporate hacks or programs into their discussion and therefore trustworthiness isn't usually an issue. Examples: www.battle.net chat, diablo2.org
  • Hacking communities are usually hybrids. They usually have trading, general game discussion, and hacking discussion. Some are primarily focused on a single program, such as d2jsp.org, mmbot.net, mousepad-d2.com, etc. Some are just general communities such as blizzhackers (EON), and d2event. Of these, the only ones that I would consider "real" hacking communities would be the ones with people that actually know how to hack (very very few).
  • There are countless nobodies & wannabes out there. They may be good, maybe not. Usually steer clear of smaller, newer, undefined forums when it comes to program information.

A trustworthy community should always be looked at with much skepticism. Usually look for a good track record, and long history of steady leadership. These are the biggest, along with a brief review:

  • Generally EON is considered the best authority when it comes to program downloads and info. Everybody knows BH...
  • Unfortunately gamemunchers is dead. Yes, everybody knows of the netter fiasco which doesn't need to be repeated here. I would say they have regained much of their respect as a community (not counting banwaves), although I’m not sure of how much hacking will be going on at the new rpg-trading.
  • d2event is a big mirror site with lots of downloads. Their material may be safe, but its all leeched from other sites and probably unchecked. Steer clear unless you have no alternatives.
  • Realmgx was a good one back in the day. Their site goes down, comes back, goes down again. Probably not much d2 action there nowadays but who knows.
  • Mousepad's site still has a lot of good info. They aren't too active though. (search the forums for people that know what they are talking about.)
  • d2jsp.org is the uber mammoth of d2 communities. They don't have much in the way of program information since their purpose is mostly trading and hosting their own d2jsp bot. Nevertheless, its been around since the dawn of time so its worth checking out.
  • mmbot.net is relatively new. I'm a bit biased being admin, but I try to keep it as objective, professional, and safe as possible. We keep an updated program & delectability list in the hacking forum.
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