Fallout 3: E3 Spotlight Preview


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[E3 Spotlight] Fallout 3 Summary/Preview by @tKeR

Washington DC is known for the home for the White House, the Wizards, Capitals and of course the Redskin. It is also the setting for an upcoming action RPG, Fallout 3. The game’s developer, Bethesda Studios, is known best for their massive award-winning game; The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. In the previous games of the Fallout series, you would play as a exiled Vault Dweller exploring in a world that suffered from nuclear fallout. The previous titles are known to be one of the best RPG games for PC, so Fallout 3 will have a lot to prove. In this game, you play as a member of Vault 101, a fallout shelter constructed to protect its inhabitants from the now hazardous environments they were burdened with. The story begins when your father goes missing, and your fellow vault-mates accuse you for his disappearance. You then decide to leave the vault, in search for your father. During your search many conflicts arise, creating an interesting and in-depth experience.

This game is promising a lot of things, and it seems as if it able to deliver. Sporting a map approximately the same size as Oblivion, it guarantees the player to flex their adventurous side. Fallout 3 also has an impressive combat system which Bethesda named “VATS.” VATS is an acronym, standing for Vault-Tec Assisted Targeting System, and is definitely a fresh approach to an action game’s combat system. VATS will also permit the gory deaths in the game to be presented in slow motion and amazing detail. The weapons that will be available in Fallout 3 will be unique, to say the least. One of the most anticipated weapons is tagged as “The Rock-It Launcher.” While using The Rock-It Launcher, it enables you to pick up miscellaneous items you find around your environments, and use them as ammo to propel at enemies. You can fire almost anything you see in the map, from tin cans to teddy bears. There will also be skills and perks in this game, similar to Fallout and Fallout 2’s system. You choose three tag skills out of a possible fourteen to be the characters specialties, which enables the player to excel in certain areas of combat. There is also a leveling system in Fallout 3. Which each level you gain, you are able to pick a perk for your player to acquire. There are twenty levels in total, allowing your player to obtain a total of twenty perks. Perks vary in abilities, and not many have been revealed to the public eye as of yet, but one of the known perks is called “Bloody Mess.” The Bloody Mess perk toggles extra gory deaths, allowing the player to experience a much more mature game, especially while using VATS.

While Fallout 3 is not yet released, it is safe to say that it will indeed be a revolutionary stepping stone in the video game industry. Due to release this fall, you should definitely keep your eyes out for Fallout 3.