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Eternal darkness sanity requiem it dosn't get more kick ass than that

Discussion in 'Game Talk' started by edensatombomb, Aug 2, 2012.

  1. edensatombomb

    edensatombomb New Member

    Aug 1, 2012
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    The one thing that sets this game, which i played on the game cube by the way, apart from every game ive played since. The sanity meter when it runs out the game messes with you wanna know what i mean heres a list of things the programers wrote iin to make you go nucking futs

    +Visual/Screen/Environment Effects

    Blue screen of death
    Blood will drip from the walls or ceiling
    Paintings will change appearance
    Heads of statues will follow your movements
    The game will appear to delete your saved game
    Bugs will crawl across the screen
    Nails will scratch across the screen
    A fly will buzz around the screen
    The television will appear to turn off
    Room-specific objects will float in the air
    Entire sequences of play turn out to be hallucination, reverting to a prior point in play (side note: corridors, doors, windows, and environmental objects will often be located in different places or not at all the second time through these sequences)
    The game will appear to have a cliffhanger ending, saying "To be continued".

    Control/Character Effects

    A message appears alerting you that controller one is not connected
    Your character will grow larger or smaller during movement
    The environment will be upside down and you will walk on the ceiling
    The character's body will break apart as you walk (you can pick up your body bits)
    Casting spells will cause you to explode
    Character will turn into a zombie in the next room
    Controls will become inverted
    Character will shoot himself when reloading (happpens with people that have or use smaller guns)

    Character will shoot the screen. (Happens with any gun.)

    [edit] Audio Effects

    The audio will mute
    Crying and whispers can be heard in the background.
    Knocking and creaking floor can be heard in the background.
    You may hear chapter-specific sounds in the background, like a maid being drained by the vampire beast just before doing Edward's chapter.
    The phone will ring; if you answer the phone you will hear Edward's voice saying "Remember me, Alex?" (only as Alex)
    The volume will appear to slowly decrease

    [edit] Miscellaneous Effects

    "Blood Bath" (Only as Alex)
    "Hanging Man" (Only as Alex)
    "Asylum" (Only as Max)

    Forced Effects

    "Psycho Worm" (Only as Edward)

    ACSAPA Member!

    Jul 17, 2012
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    Miami ,Florida
    Yes, I heard this game made you think you were crazy. I missed out because I never owned a Gamecube but I heard about the game making you think your save file was deleted. I think if something like Eternal Darkness came out with today's current gen graphics, it would be a total mind f---.