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Luna, The Moon Rider



General Info:

Luna is an expert carrier and farmer. Her nukes give a mini stun which is extremely useful and she has a great range with it as well. It’s great for chasing. Her passives make farming and dealing damage even easier and if this much damage wasn’t enough the guranteed demolition of the opponent whenever you cast your ultimate should be more than enough.


Lucent Beam

Luna concentrates on the moon's energy and channels it forcefully to the surface, damaging an enemy unit.

Level 1 - 75 damage.
Level 2 - 150 damage.
Level 3 - 225 damage.
Level 4 - 300 damage.

**A bread and butter nuke. You don’t have a lot of mana to play with early on, but if you get some stat items or regeneration early on enough you can cause real havoc with this alone.**

Moon Glaive

Allows Luna to attack extra enemies with each Glaive attack. Each enemy struck beyond the first incurs a 35% damage loss, per unit.

Level 1 - Luna hits 2 enemies with every attack.
Level 2 - Luna hits 3 enemies with every attack.
Level 3 - Luna hits 4 enemies with every attack.
Level 4 - Luna hits 5 enemies with every attack.

**Excellent when it comes to farming and harassing. It doesn’t make a big different until level 4 when your attacks are going to be hitting all visible mobs on your lane, pretty much.**

Lunar’s Blessing

Nearby ranged units gain the power of the moon.

Level 1 - Increases base ranged damage by 6%.
Level 2 - Increases base ranged damage by 13%.
Level 3 - Increases base ranged damage by 20%.
Level 4 - Increases base ranged damage by 27%.

**A terrible skill early on. You damage is too low at this stage of the game to benefit from it, but when mid/end game come and/or you’ve got some great items it becomes very, very good.**


Calls to the moon's magic, summoning a concentrated burst of Lucent Beams to damage targets around Luna each dealing 300 damage.

Level 1 - Summons 4 Lucent Beams.
Level 2 - Summons 7 Lucent Beams.
Level 3 - Summons 10 Lucent Beams.

**Awesome skill. If you want a free kill or two just find a few lone heroes and cast it. What doesn’t die can likely be finished in a single lucent beam.**


Lvl 1: Lucent Beam
Lvl 2: Glaives
Lvl 3: Lucent Beam
Lvl 4: Glaives
Lvl 5: Lucent Beam
Lvl 6: Eclipse
Lvl 7: Lucent Beam
Lvl 8: Glaives
Lvl 9: Glaives
Lvl 10: Lunar’s Blessing
Lvl 11: Eclipse
Lvl 12: Blessing
Lvl 13: Blessing
Lvl 14: Blessing
Lvl 15: Stats
Lvl 16: Eclipse
Lvl 17+: Stats

Ideal move build. Some go stats over glaives, I don’t and have had little trouble owning. Glaives may not do great damage early on but the damage certainly starts to show and it’s still useless early on for easy harassing, especially if you got a few wraith bands it can be painful for low level heroes. Blessing is got when it’s useful.

Item Builds

1. Boots of Travel
2. Butterfly
3. Satanic
4. Aghanims

This is specifically a carry build for Luna, not a caster. You should get items as they appear in that order- or get Travels after Butterfly. Satanic is a must. You’re glaive bounces all leech whenever it’s activated and with that and Butterfly you’re pretty much invincible so long as it’s active and you aren’t stunned/disabled. Aghanim’s is just cake for you’re incredible ulti.
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