DotA: Lets Learn How... To Ward!


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by @Jenny


Most likely if you're reading this guide you're probably wondering.. "What's complex about warding? Buy wards, drop them, go on with your day." Sure, it's simple enough, however there is a fairly strategic use of Sentry Wards that goes without mention and rarely sees the light of day outside of professional matches.

Typically a single player usually laned in the middle lane will buy a set of wards to Rune Ward so there will be temporary vision over the power-up runes. This is both strategic and useful when it comes ganking and rune spotting.

There are three major types of warding that I plan on covering.
1. Rune Warding
2. Gank Warding
3. Vision Warding

(See the video for mentioned examples)

Examples 1 & 2 - Rune Warding

The highest ledges near the runes provide an excellent place to drop a ward. They'll be hard to see by someone with a gem unless they happen to look there which most people rarely do. Not only do each of these wards provide rune cover, but they also provide excellent area vision, especially during the day. It's great for detecting river movements to as well as help prevent possible gank action in the top and bottom lanes.

Examples 3 & 4 - Gank Warding

These are less common places to drop wards, however they prove very useful if you're against a gank happy Sentinel or Scourge. Typically Sentinel would ward the top and Scourge the bottom. Then again it's beneficial for either side, really. These particular spots help catch ganks from the woods or possible creepers. The top ward in particular covers both the left side of the river ramp as well as a creep camp.

Example 5 - Vision Warding

Vision Warding can some what be interpreted as Gank Warding, however the way you position and where is much different. It's a fairly situational case. Vision warding is best in the middle up the ramp a slight bit (as in the video) to provide vision of the hill when you normally wouldn't, especially at night time. Vision warding can also be useful for river ramps, but to a much much lesser extent.

Besides extending vision during the day and night, vision warding is also extremely useful certain heroes. It gives you more vision to land a Sniper's Assassinate or Tinker's Homing Missle. It's also beneficial to know enemy movement before creeps meet above the hill to help predict where you might want to position yourself or when you could release an early AOE spell for them to walk into.

Over all most warding is situational, however involving the above- especially rune warding- and you and your team will like do a great deal better when it comes to cooperation, ganking, missing heroes, and survival.