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General Forewarns
To anyone who is going to create a DotA thread:

DotA is a custom game with one really large fanbase. Be sure you check for any previous DotA topics before you create the thread you specified. Should it reference your problem or you want to contribute to it, you can "revive" the thread if necessary to post your opinion. This is to cut down on the DotA topics so that Page 1 isn't flooded with them.



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DotA Guides

DotA Guides
If you want a guide on a particular hero for DotA or have a guide for a particular hero and

want it in the Hall of Strategies, simply PM me with the guide or request and I will fit it into the proper

format and provide a link to the specific hero at the official DotA site. So feel free to do so.

Good day


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Want to show off your DotA hero?

Amongst our stickies is a Post Your DotA Hero! page. Inside, we have a collection of various heroes we have played and the scores we used and the items we carried for these heroes. This is a good place to show off just how lethal your hero can be, also to allow people to see what your hand's on strategies can achieve. So long as the hero is yours (you made it etc) and you try to post your score, you are fine. We will not insult your scores or your item setup, so you will not be criticized. However, we can tell you how to improve your hero if you wish. We currently have about 20-30 hero screenshots posted there, browse through them sometime. Also, it will be wise to host your images on or some kind of server, this is just in case our server gets cleaned or moved. Attachments may get nuked :(.

This thread will be treated carefully with regards to spam and insults. We are a DotA friendly board with some players who are professionals or have some knowledge of the basics, not a board that insults your skills (unless you say something really dumb, but I hardly doubt thats the case).


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Want an avatar or sig?​

As you can see by some of my previous forms of work, I am able to make good-looking avatars and sig images based on Dota or Warcraft III in General.

If you wish to have one for your very own, PM Me what you want. For example, if you want Dragon Knight, just pm me and say "Can I have a DK avatar?" or something like that. Then I will try to get off my ass and make it, I will respond back when its done with the URL to Imageshack to upload it.

Use it with pride and tell your friends about this service. But I will be very crossed if you do something like lie by saying HEY LOOK AT ME, ITS MY SUPER COOL AVATAR I MADE MYSELF!!!

I have done the following so far:

Raider CGI
Luna CGI
Rylai Crestfall Art by Samwise (modified)
Terrorblade (DWS.Luna)
In game Lina (Dream-walker)
In game Witch Doctor
In game Destroyer

Note I will either use CGI (in-game) or other people's art or my own. If it belongs to someone else, all art will be credited to that person to avoid me becoming a plagarizing asshole. Also, I try to mention who might be using what on this board, to avoid conflicts between two users, so try not to use the avatar for yourself. However, my latest pic can be used on any board you want. Even show off some dota fans, but try to tell them that I made it and I can make avatars for anyone on demand.

But it doenst have to be Wc3/DotA, it can be anything you want. Gimme a holla and maybe some points (if you are a stranger), then we shall see what I can do for you.
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