DotA: Anti-Mage Guide


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Magina, The Anti-Mage



General Info:

Magina is a fast and tricky character to use. He’s great for destroying casters, but he can also carry with his incredibly fast attack speed and with quick use of blink to dodge nukes and stun. He’s not an easy character and it takes a lot of patience and practice to become good with him.


Mana Break

Each attack burns mana based on spell level.

Level 1 - 16 mana per hit. (+10 physical damage)
Level 2 - 32 mana per hit. (+19 physical damage)
Level 3 - 48 mana per hit. (+29 physical damage)
Level 4 - 64 mana per hit. (+38 physical damage)

**Perfect for early and middle game harass. It falls off in usefulness in the end game, but by that point you only need it to prep your kills for a Mana Void.**


Short distance teleportation that allows one to move in and out of combat.

Level 1 - 12 second cooldown.
Level 2 - 9 second cooldown.
Level 3 - 7 second cooldown.
Level 4 - 5 second cooldown.

**An escape, chaser, and dodger all in one. It’s hella useful for dodging those slow stuns like Stormbolts and Avalanche. You can beat this when it comes to escaping and dodging**

Spell Shield

Magina channels a powerful warding magic, damping the negative effects of spells.

Level 1 - Reduces magic damage by 10%.
Level 2 - Reduces magic damage by 20%.
Level 3 - Reduces magic damage by 30%.
Level 4 - Reduces magic damage by 40%.

**Not usually a good early game skill. At that point regen should be fine. It’s still a great skill. More magic resistance is good and it helps Magina deal with having a relatively dinky life pool. Be wary though, while hexed it doesn’t work**

Mana Void

Creates a powerful void in an enemy unit caused by a lack of mana. For each mana point missing, the unit takes damage.

Level 1 - .6 damage per mana point missing.
Level 2 - .85 damage per mana point missing.
Level 3 - 1.1 damage per mana point missing.

**Great skill that gets even better as you allies level and get more mana. For intelligence heroes you can usually kill them at half HP with this. **


Lvl 1: Mana Break
Lvl 2: Blink
Lvl 3: Mana Break
Lvl 4: Blink
Lvl 5: Mana Break
Lvl 6: Mana Void
Lvl 7: Mana Break
Lvl 8: Blink
Lvl 9: Blink
Lvl 10: Spell Shield
Lvl 11: Mana Void
Lvl 12: Spell Shield
Lvl 13: Spell Shield
Lvl 14: Spell Shield
Lvl 15: Stats
Lvl 16: Mana Void
Lvl 17+: Stats

Standard spell build. Lets you chase and kill you a good amount of INT heroes or mana reliant heroes. You can swap a few levels of blink with Spell Shield if you’re having a real hard time with nukes, but you should with the right regen or leech from Vlad’s

Item Builds

1. Vladimir’s Offering
2. Treads
3. Monkey King Bar
4. Butterfly
5. Cranium Basher
6. Assault Cuirass

Magina has a very fast attack speed and so you should definitely take advantage of it, however you don’t want to get orbs. S/Y may sound interesting, but the Sange proc prevents the mana break. It’s not often, but it could make a difference. Ideally get items that benefit your constant hitting like MKB and Cranium Basher. You can, practically, achieve permastun this way.