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Dec 26, 2007
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Don't know if any of the western press covered this but I just read an article from Igromania which is a Russian gaming magazine. They didn't get an exclusive from Blizzard (nor did anyone) but they did talk to Leonard Boyarsky, our loyal Russian partisan spying on Blizzard. He has been writing the story and working on different characters for Diablo 3 the past 2 years. Here is some of the things he said:

Diablo 3 | Â ðàçðàáîòêå | Ñòàòüè | ÈÃÃÎÌÀÃÈß

"Из интересных подробностей: во-первых, в третьей части у главгероя наконец-то появится голос и общение с другими персонажами будет выглядеть как нормальный диалог. Во-вторых, для каждого из игровых классов придуманы собственные, уникальные квесты, за выполнение которых будут выдаваться уникальные умения или бонусы для более серьезной прокачки. Наконец, в-третьих, если вы играете совместно с другими живыми игроками, то в сценарии игры появятся и специальные cooperative-квесты. По словам Боярского, эти квесты будут рассчитаны как на совместное, так и на раздельное прохождение – когда каждый игрок будет получать свое уникальное задание, а квест считается выполненным только после того, как закончены все мини-задания."

"Some interesting details: Firstly, in the third part the main hero will finally have a voice, and talking to other characters will look like normal dialogue. Secondly, every playable class will have their own, unique quests, completing which will grant them unique abilities and bonuses for more hardcore leveling. And finally, thirdly, if you're playing with other, live people, then the story of the game will have special cooperative quests. According to Boyarsky, these quests will be presented both for joint and separate completion - then every player will get their own unique goal to complete and the quest will only be completed once all the goals are completed."

So yeah, this is incase you haven't heard. I would trust Igromania a 100% they're the most respectable gaming magazine in Russia and have been getting exclusives from just about every company.


Aug 5, 2003
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"then every player will get their own unique goal to complete and the quest will only be completed once all the goals are completed."
(`o.0´) i can imagine some nasty things with a quest system like this:

Party: Come on just get it done pal, so we can move on
Player A: Why do I have to, my quest is the hardest, and i don't wanna do it
Party: Don't be a sissy, we'll help you
Player A: my mom has just called for dinner, be back in 30 minutes
Party: 0o00o0o0o0o0, ok let's just exp until then
[50 Minutes later]
Player A: Ahh I am so stuffed, what's up again
Party: The quest, come on finish it now
Player A: Oh that ****, oh well I Don't feel like it now. I'll go do some MF. have fun
[Player A exits the game]
Party: WTF, idiot noob &(%$§${!*#


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