Diablo Coming of Diablo III – It’s Almost Here!


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Aug 15, 2012
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For years, I've been waiting for Diablo III to come out. I began playing Diablo II about 6-7 years ago, and was engulfed in it. Since then I picked up the Diablo I (original) game to learn about the storyline, which has always drawn my interest. Diablo did something I never expected from a game, it absorbed my entire life for a few years. Now I'm not saying that’s a good thing, but my point is, this is a very strong game with great content and material.

Well, even when I started playing Diablo II, people were already awaiting Diablo III's announcement, everyone wanted it. The storyline was incomplete as well, making everyone want to see what happens next. Since then, multiple games have been released and announced, World of Warcraft, Burning Crusade, Wrath of the Linch king, Starcraft 2, and more, All over the course of 6 years. But the fans of DIablo, my fan base, kept asking "Where is Diablo III!?"

Years have gone by; we always got our hopes up every time an announcement was to be made to make a new game, just to be disappointed. Sure, we like the other universes created by Blizzard, but we want what we were addicted to, Diablo.

If you've played Diablo II before, then you know that Diablo has been slain, his brother, Baal, Mephisto, Duriel, all of them have been killed, so how can there be a Diablo III? Well keep in mind, Diablo has been beaten once already (Diablo I) and the world stone has been destroyed, which, even in the game the NCPs (Non playable characters) such as Cain say this can have drastic and unknown results. This can lead to just about -anything- happening within the Diablo Universe, it opens the playing field to nearly unstoppable limits. There are also 2 more "Evils" that have been mentioned but never seen in the game, I happen to forget one of them, but the other is named Ballil if memory serves. These are more of Diablo's brothers and sisters, which could come into play in the Diablo III storyline.

Besides the lore of the game, there are many hidden proofs, if you look hard enough, that show Diablo III being in the works over at Blizzard along with some rumors that could be true:

-a member of the Czech Republic orchestra claims he has worked on the sound track for Diablo III (This is a rumor, and could be false)
-Blizzard has admitted to having 2 more projects in the works (As of the time of this writing) but not said what exactly they will be.
-Blizzard has created a new development team (crowned 'Team 3')
-Blizzard has now created a sequel/expansion for every franchise they own, besides Diablo, which means they should be looking at it next.

If you look into the projects a bit more, there is some hope for Diablo within them:

-One of the projects has been admitted to being an MMO (Has not been explained which one though)
-One of the projects is being created by Team 3 (Has not explained which one though)
-Some of the Diablo team has left to create Flagship Studios, after that, Team 3 was announced.

They have not admitted that Team 3 is the Diablo replacement team, but it's a very big possibility.

On top of that, there are even more hints to Diablo III being released. If you look at the blizzard website (www.blizzard.com) there is a list of job availabilities, within them they are categorized by the type of job, and what project they are for, Warcraft, WoW, SCII, and "Top Secret"

The 'Top Secret' jobs are obviously for unknown projects (which we know of 2)

Within those 'Top Secrets' nearly half of them mention "The team behind Diablo and Diablo II...”, "...to create Creatures of the Abyss", and "Blizzard, the developers behind Diablo and Diablo II..." Now I don’t know about you, but that looks Diabloish to me.

There is no information over exactly release dates, or even any information directly from blizzard that it's even in the works, but if you do your homework some, and a little digging around, the facts are there, hidden, and waiting to be released.

All you can do until then is cross your fingers, but I'm confident there’s not too much waiting left (of course, that’s comparing it to how long we’ve been waiting)

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