Can anyone besides Dirty Dog change email/pass?


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Shouldn't have asked to be deleted?

But really, I have no idea. DD's Last Activity: 01-05-2011 10:59 AM

You would assume he would come back eventually.

it's me imp4c

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Just to be clear... I'm not doing it to stay around. There;s a forum that I used in the past and haven't entered for years. But as rare as it is, better have access to it than not... period.

RoaCh of DisCord

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Was this fixed?


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Yes it is. Thx for the willingness to help. As you can see I didn't cut my access anymore

Andother prob tho - in the News Archive like the 'SC2 Yay or Nay' thread my posts require approval? Is this normal for everyone or my acc's got limitations


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What's going on man? Why did my Ancient/Premium member status disappred mysteriously again? I only hid my Birth Date!