BNET nicks & gateways


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* Nick: Wlck
* Gateway: Us East
* Favourite game type: UMS, but like melee
* Favourite Map: Phantom Mode!!!
* Type of player: not good not bad ;)


How do I nexus?
Re: B.Net nicks & gateways

Clearly nobody will care, but:

  • Nick: phandentium
  • Gateway: US West, ICCUP
  • Favorite game type: FFA, Melle, 1v1
  • Favorite Map: Primeval Isles
  • Type of player: I suck, but I've been told I utilize units well.


Name: Paul K.
Gateway: North America
Favorite game type: UMS or Melee
Favorite map: UMS, any defence games. Melee, Lost temple
Type of player: Begginer


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Name: Twisted[EvX], TwistedFire, Twisted[SeX], iM_teh[SeX], GoE_BlazedFury
Server: East/West
Channels: Clan EvX, Evolves, Op Evolves, CLan iD
Favorite Game Type: UMS and some melee
Favorite Map(s): Evolves, Zone Control, Desert Strike, Simps, Dodgeball, Snipers, defense maps, some melee, and Imposs
Type of Player: Evolves Pro, suck at melee, decent at all the others