Bnet files on ur HD. Why are the char files saved on ur comp?


Just a question. The char/account files on ur comp, what do bnet use the for?
If u dont know. In the ur diabloII folder there is folder called save. In this folder there is some folders with the realms. with the difrent realms. In those folders there is files for every char that uve played with on bnet. Jst wondering why they are there?


I'm not sure, but I think that are only the files that contain the mapdata and stuff


Its for open data, like your characters, incase you didnt know, The client runs your characters on open and people connect to you, this was's first mistake :p they left character files on peoples computer, lol that means the level and max life and stuff could easily be owned. :p


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i know what he is talking bout,i see everything i have played with but for example my closed bnet east mf sorc has these file on my comp.

sorcXx.key sorcXx.ma0 sorcXx.ma1 sorcXx.ma2 sorcXxX-x.ma3


i think that bnet uses those files like temp files becasue the map is temproary so maybe it's alll temp files that refreshes after you sign on to the char? And bnet keeps the MAIN file, the one that you use editors and stuff like that on, they keep those for on their servers........I don't know that's what I think


from what i've heard before the server (which houses the main character.dat file) compares it's version to the version on your pc,
beyond that i've no clue what there for
You dont have the character file on your comp to compare to. You only have files that are used by the program client side. They are useless if you plan on doing any hacking.
I mean that there is nothing useful in the file itself. Maphack just writes the whole map at once to them I believe, instead of the game doing it as you play.


In the code is the password of your account saves? in closed you dont have a set map so its useless maybe you could do somthing like edit? somone has told me it keeps the code form your items on I know by just editing you can't use on but maybe you could edit some how join a closed game with it by use 3 party prog? i forgot the name of it but to get your closed char items to open I think it does somthing like chang a code line or somthing I may be totaly wrong but you could edit and some get it back in the closed server? and get hacked items in open

I dont mean like puting your open files in closed that doesn't work :/
I think.....
It's just a backup measure. Everytime you log on to one of your charecter the server checks the information on your computer and matches it with the ones on their servers. And any changes that need to be made take place then, but it's impossible to hack via those files.


No lord slippy, its not.
Those files are map files, and they are never sent to the server. They are used purely on the client, and are saved locally onto your comp with game info, so if you rejoin the same game the map you explored does not turn unexplored.
Your character file IS NOT SAVED, AND NEVER WAS! Despite blizzard's stupidity with other things, this remains not an exploit.