Blizzard - The Secret CD-Key


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Last year during the 2007 Blizzcon (starting August third), the biggest Blizzard Entertainment convention imaginable, everyone who went had received a goody bag containing all kinds of cool items. Calendar, Buttons, Booklets, Pictures, Stickers, including items from all from all 3 (Starcraft, Warcraft, and Diablo) of the major Blizzard Entertainment franchises. Everyone loved all there goodies, but reports soon came in that there was something unexpected inside each goody bag... a CD-Key.

It's been half a year since the 2007 Blizzcon, and no one has yet figured out what this CD-Key is for. When the convention was taking place, I was glued to my computer seat, waiting to hear some news over what this key was. People were posting live updates as the convention rolled on, detailing every piece of information on what was unfolding at the convention, I was completely stoked, I couldn't wait to hear what the CD-Key was for, but one by one, event by event, I was becoming more aware of what was going to happen. By the end of the convention, all reports and news (and apparently people who attended Blizzcon) seemed to have forgotten about the CD-Key, the first instance they discovered the CD-Key, people were in an uproar, but by the end, not a soul had mentioned it.

Even surfing on the internet for answers, there is not too much over this mysterious CD-Key, only a few traces of people admitting to having one can be found online (compared to the numbers you would expect) but one thing for sure, it did happen, Blizzard has it listed in what the visitors of the 07' Blizzcon received, and the mystery Key is right there in the list.

So what is this CD-key for? Most people suspect it to be a StarCraft II beta key, others believe it is for Wrath of the Lich King, and then a select few say neither, not sure what it will be, but not believing in either of the above two answers.

No one knows what this key does or what it unlocks except Blizzard, and the rest of the world will only find out when they decide to tell us. I think it’s amazing that no one seems to wonder what the mysterious CD-key does anymore, but I'm sure the instant Blizzard announces exactly what it’s for, the fans will go into an uproar of joy. Maybe it's time to start asking questions, Blizzard may realize no one seems to care about the key, and push it aside, but I, and I'm sure there are many others, want to know what we missed out on.