BF = no gif support for avatars wtf??


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So it works for Premium only? I tried mine at 140x140, I know for non-premium it is 128x128 max. So I made the gif 100x100 and the thing freezes, it only shows the first frame, does not wanna start. When I load the gif from my PC and save the new avatar that's a message that appears shortly on the top of the User CP page:



I'll take a look. in the main time. could you please upload it to, and use it as an external linked image. See if that works.



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its if the image size is 2 large or if its size is 2 big bf will auto resize it but it will become un animated


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Yes that seems to be the problem since Ryan's and kinkarso's avatars work if I use them. It says the file size is too large if I use it from imageshack. What I'd offer is if only premium members have no limits for that and can use larger res avatars, at least those who are not to have just res limit like 128x128 and not file size limit, dunno 35 KB is too little. Even if I made mine 100x100 it wouldn't work properly just because of the size (90KB).


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Just offering the admins to prolly give us at least 100KB of file size with the same res limits. By deleting half of the frames and shrinking it to 80x80, 33,6 KB it works but oh well. Also if I shrink the gif, I lose quality. If I shrink each picture before adding it to the gif, the quality is still good as you can see.


I am little confuse to upload image in my posting?

1) What is size limit to upload image as well as video files on Avatar?
2) What is size limit to upload image as well as video files in signature?
3) which resolution works on posting images and video files?
4) How can i compressed media files?

Your reply would be appreciated?