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Tipsy said:
Both in theory and practice, the best way to motivate people is to give them a stake in their innovation and give them the freedom to follow their ideas as they see fit. Following this line of thinking, a decentralization of control of bringing content in rather than centralized control will foster more content.
Here's your chance. Show your support for BattleForums firsthand by helping us to move it forward!

Please fill out an application [link expired] if you are interested. There is more information there.

We will be accepting applications for approximately 5 days or until we feel that we have filled all of the positions needed. Once you submit your application, the staff members will be notified. They will then have the ability to rate your application as well comment on it. We will welcome all selected members at the same time.

Please keep in mind, moderators may apply for these positions. You would have additional responsibilities, though.
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Pains Requiem

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He sounds like a therapist or a psychiatrist or some ****.


Former Staff member of my ideas got implimented????? I'm seriously in shock.


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I'd actually rather get money than get the opportunity to see my innovation through till the end.

Wing Zero

lol just as planned
so like are we canned ?


Guy with Most Posts on Quiet Board.


This is battleforums, a place where we make things complicated.


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You forgot: "Since 2002".


I think you missed the point there buddy =]


We're boned.

Moderators sadly should be the ones generating said content on their boards.
There aren't any board-specific moderators to make content. There are only global mods, such as you. So yeah... you're the one that should be generating the content, no?


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It was generic. Section mods needed to do content on thier sides, global mods need to enfore rules globally. But any content that may affect BF needs to be discussed with admin or owner.

Jim said:
I think you missed the point there buddy =]
I didn't, I was just adding on to your sentence.