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As you can see, BattleForums has been undergoing a lot of changes, and the new portal page has left us with hundreds of new possibilities. But before we start creating lots of new additions to the portal, we want to know what you guys want. So we’ve created a new Suggestion Box, where you can leave any comments, critiques, or suggestions regarding the portal page or the forums in general. In particular, please head over to this thread and post any comments you have on the portal so we can make it as good as possible.

On a side note, there have been a few other new forums lately, including the Tech Forum which CrookedFoot recently set up. Also, make sure to check out the new forum navigation on the portal, courtesy of coRtALoS, which you can check out by clicking any of the forum links under "Quick Links".

Thanks again for your input.


I think all of the sections (CS, SC, WC) should get some type of portal page. Some of the stuff that is getting implimented for WC is gonna need some type of launchpad.


UD Necropolis skin for global skin 2004!


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SCGhost is OK for 56k users with a relatively empty cache.

And Cort, were you the one who told mods to watch what they say because the portal would reveal all that?

Oh, I looked through the Advanced Poster code - 1 <img> tag. I don't know what you're talking about. ;)


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yeah i think they should change the portal skin totaly although this one dont suck that much but kinda looks gayish lol they should put GOD's SKIN I CAN MAKE NICE SKINS FOR PORTALS LIKE I HAVE DONE FOR that dont look so bad eh? immagine what i can do to BF!! OMFG!! i would pwn it only if they let me be little bit more Trustfull all admins kinda being mean to me banned me like 4-5 times without a reason 1 time they banned my ip :-X it kept sayin You have no permision to access this page. http error 404 LOL :X
thnx again snaaaarg :()

Im being Serious about the Portal skin change ... if you want me i can make one in few days just make poll or a Vote for the skins.. put sum skins on and ask other people if they want to participate of making a new portal skin just make Thread about it..


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at the top of the page make a forum link, to each one of the forums. right now i cant even find the diablo 2 forums cuz the mainpage is so messy .