Warcraft Archers and Dryads Strategy


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Aug 15, 2012
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Here I will explain another of the many Warcraft team game strategies. This time I will focus my attention on the Night Elfs, a very quick race. The Night Elfs are known for having the most powerful ranged units. Combining those units with spellcasters, such as Dryads or Druids of the Talon (next article) will greatly benefit your army, if you know how to use them properly.

Combines the high damage of Archers with the slowing ability of Dryads. The archers are very cheap and quick to train, thus making mass easy to reach. Archers can also benefit from the Trueshot Aura from the Moon Priestess, thus having an increased damage. Now combine the damage, with the time to do it, and you will have a strong ranged rank.

Archers are cheap, quick and the main heart of any Night Elf player. They can be either used to mass or you can tech with them, thus making them stronger in battlefield. Combining them with Dryads, slows the enemy running units, thus granting a chance to finish them easy.

This is a very strong anti-air tactic. Remember that most air units have magic attack, therefore Dryads are immune to their attacks and archers have a drastic damage reduction, while having at the same time, an attack that if well upgraded can cause 300% normal damage to them. This is an obvious advantage when fighting from afar. Because you have Dryads, you can also make safe hit-and-run attacks, if an enemy tries to go for you, you can always slow him down and finish him before he does any damage. Also, Dryads offer your army a very strong anti-spellcasting system, thus granting you an additional advantage against enemy spells and Heroes, such as the Goblin Acid Bom, per example.

This is a team tactic. Remember that no matter how strong your rank is, you will still be vulnerable when facing strong melee units such as Taurens and Knights.
Also, Archers and Dryads may be great, but they have very low Hit Points. Although you can always heal them back in base, they will be easy targets in base.
You should also remember the fact that even if your dryads are immune to spell and magic damage, your archers are not, thus making them perfect targets for spells like Blizzard, Thunderclap, or even Shockwave, so you must always manage to save as many units as possible.

Also your Dryads may be powerful, but you should consider the fact that while your Dryads have 200 mana points, an enemy caster can have 400 mana points. This obviously is not working in favor for you, but still, you ca always use mana potions or make mass dryads and upgraded archers. It’s a choice of tactic.

Also, your Dryads are not well prepared to face summoned units, especially when massed. An Undead Necromancer raising mass skeleton warriors is an head hake, even if you have Dryads, because you will have to dispel every single skeleton created …. And while you are dispelling the skeletons the enemy is killing your units, granting him more corpses to raise more skeletons.


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