Warcraft Archers and Druids of the Talon Strategy


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Aug 15, 2012
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Now I will explain you guys the magic of combining archers and spellcasters. Druids of the Talon are very powerful caster, especially because of their tier 2 and tier 3 abilities.
Combining these units with archers, and mixing a nice tech, well win your game for sure.

Still remember that this tactic is also advised for team game only, so make your choice well.

Archers are, as I said in my last article, cheap, quick and yet powerful units to train. While in the previous article, the secret was to make archers and Dryads with perfect balance, in this tactic, the secret lies on massing on the start, making a quick tech to Druids of the Talon ( referred as Talons from now on), and upgrading them as fast as possible. Combining the Trueshot Aura here is also a great idea, mainly because this is an offensive strategy.

While in the start you are safe because you have units to defend yourself, in the end there will be no telling of your power. You should, while massing, upgrade the attack of you units. Then when you have enough Archers and Talons, you strike like hell. While Archers have upgrades and the Trueshot Aura increasing their damage, the Talons reducing armor ability will amplify your damage even more. This tactic is also perfect to fight air units. While your Talons can cast spells on them, they can also fly and become medium anti-air units. Now combine this power with your mighty Archers… When facing a dead end, you can also use the Talons cyclone ability, reduce the number of enemies fighting, and therefore kill them one by one – including any tier 3 melee units, which is just what we want.

This tactic is pretty offensive, so trying to defend with it, in close spaces is a bad choice. Without Dryads your units will be just perfect for any area spells, which is very bad – and this is mainly why I decided to create this different article.

Although you have no melee, thus making you vulnerable to ground attacks, you know you can use cyclone …. But your enemy knows as well … thus grating any Dryads or anti-spellcasting units the ultimate advantage on you. If they dispel you cyclones, you are as good as dead, so you better have many Talons nearby, to drain the mana from anti-spellcasting units. In an alternative, you can also use spells intentionally to be dispelled. If you use a Scroll of Protection, the enemy Dryads will waste their mana dispelling it, and then you can cast cyclone as long as you want.

Still, remember, without Dryads, your units are now very susceptible to all kinds of damage, mainly because they have very low Hit Points – and that’s why this is better for team games.


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