Warcraft Archers and Chimeras Strategy


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Aug 15, 2012
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This tactic use by many medium players because they know Chimeras (Chims from now on) are very power anti-ground units, and that archers are easy and cheap to train. A bonus to this tactic is that you can use any hero you may like – although best choice would be the Keeper of the Grove due his Roots ability.

You start by making an Ancient of War to train archers. The archers can be upgraded to miss guide your enemy, however, the real power will be in your Chimeras. Tech to tier 3 as fast as possible, but never forget to train Archers, so you can have some attacks power, and mainly, some protection.

Having Archers is a great choice. They are cheap and fast to train, and they allow you to have something to count on. With Archers you can creep, or attack an enemy. If you or any of your allies gets attacked, they can always count on you to help them, because you have ranged units to do so. When you reach tier 3, start making Chims, and Voilá! Because you made archers all along the game your enemies won’t suspect any air units to aid you – until it is too late for him. If he attempts to make any anti-air units, remember that your archers will work pretty well as anti-air units as well. In an extreme case you can always train some melee air units to aid you, in the Ancient of the Wind. Here is when the Keeper is best – it provides your air units with a melee defensive aura, and it can Root enemy heroes, allowing your Chims to finish them fast.

Your Archers are mainly a backup, so investing too much on them will miss guide you from your main objective – to train powerful Chims. These may be a constant problem if they get killed all the time, so micro will definitely be important.
Also, if your enemy attempts to make melee units, your archers won’t lat much against them – they are ranged units, therefore not strong enough to face a melee combat.
If your enemy reaches air units faster then you, you will also have to opt for a different tactic as you Chims don’t attack air; you must then first focus on anti-air units and them Chims, which will cost you time and resources, both needed to win a game.