Any atheists in here?


Just curious if any of you intellectual gamers happen to be rationally minded as well. Who here is an atheist and who believe in a deity of some sort?

Btw, I'm playing Star Wars the Old Republic if anyone else is.


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Don't know what we've got around here but I did just read some news about Scientology getting a huge fine against its "church". I'll post a write-up on it in a few minutes. :)
Honestly I have no idea in what to believe in if anything. Christianity is very commercial now and I've become too cynical with it to take it seriously. Hinduism is very intriguing because of reincarnation. And now seeing the Pantheism posted here has sparked an interest as well.

But, then again, I'm more of a "I'll see it when I die" kind of person.


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Just have faith in want you do that is the best thing. Right now although I'm christian i don't believe in the church but i do believe in a God. Also it should be about respect not shoving one own belief to others, leave them/us alone.

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