Add a few things...


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1) Starcraft font so that I don't put some stupid images like the text below
2) In the profile: opportunity to post ur account in D2/SC/war3
war3 is missing btw, discrimination! I know war3 is dying but so is SC1 xD and I hope - so is World of Losercraft (WoW)


haha. ok

1) Basically, it's impossible as the font would need to be installed on everyone's computers as well as on the server itself.

2) Not sure what you mean. Please elaborate.

Thank you,


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There's an 'Additional Information' in the profile where you can add your account? I guess that is what is meant by 'character'. And it is displayed under your avatar, right? There are WoW, D2 and SC. There isn't a field for war3, you can add it too. Just a suggestion, better than posting accounts in the sig or creating a thread about it.

Gees so new admins, for who I'm completely unknown, and who I also dunno ^^. Btw I'm glad you made some skins for BFs using that cool SC font that I also found casually, coz I don't bother dl-ing fonts.