A new strategy guide!


Here's a quick little guide just for you, written on the spot. It'll be short, but good. I wrote it because that spammer talking about hacks and how he owns everyone really ticks me off. Banestabkill or whatever.

How to open PVT:

In PVT you have two basic opening options. Naturally there are endless rushes but these are the two safest. You can either goon rush, which consists of getting fast range, or you can add a fast robotics bay to get observers.

Goon Rush

If you open in the first way you are reasonably safe from land rushes. Whether it is a vulture rush or a gundam rush, you should be able to hold them with your high goon count. Not only that, while your goons are trying to bang in on his wall you can get a good look at his unit count. Here's how to interpret what you see.

If you glimpse...

A vulture, he will most likely be vulture rushing.

One tank and no vulture, he will expanding quickly or adding a starport.

A command center, he is (obviously) expanding.

Four marines, a gundam rush.

In this way you can pressure terran early but you can't neccesarilly distinguish whehter he is expanding quickly or dropping you.

Robotics bay opening

This consists of you adding a robitcs bay at around twenty supply. The advantage to this build is that you will be able to see and respond to a fast expansion or starport relatively well. The disadvantage is that you might be able to be run over by a strong and fast rush.

To use this you must leave a probe in front of your enemies base in order to watch his troop movement. If you allow him to establish himself in front of your base without you even knowing it this is devastating, especially considering your stunted troop count. The probe should allow you to move out your goons and attack, then retret, fire another volly of photon fire, then retreat again, hopefully sniping some marines or vultures.

Obviously if you see a starport you should cover your main's minerals and add a shuttle. If you see a fast expansion you should expand twice.


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AoP, where are your other guides and how come they weren't stickied yet? :confused:


Just a couple of points to complement AoP's guide (which is pretty accurate imo):

When you see 4 rines, it could most of the time mean a gundam rush, but sometimes, T can use that to fool you into thinking that so that he can fast expo. It is very crucial that you see through that or else his 1+ expo will create huge problems down the road (like pure tank macro that's about 2:1 in size compared to your own fledgling zeal/goon!).

The second thing is in an actual rush situation (Gundam or other), sometimes choosing to add a second gate over getting the robo right after the core is more advisable since it would bolster your goon force to deal with the initial rush - it would involve more micro against mines until you get your first obs, but once that is done, you're in a position to prevent him from containing you, and most prolly expoing yourself.

Then it is the regular mid-game song ^_^!

correct me if I'm wrong, of course!