A little Skyrim advice if you've been infected with vampirism

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I've read many a thread on the webz about how people are pissed because after contracting vampirism they are being attacked on sight, and therefore cannot feed on people. First, know that to feed you must pickpocket someone while sleeping. It will then give you the option to pickpocket or feed. Second, know that if you don't feed within a given time frame (I don't know it) you will go full vampire (never go full vampire). It can be a pain in the ass to have to travel to town and feed all the time, but I discovered the following on accident and it has made my vampire experience so much more awesome.

First you have to acquire a companion. I like to call them my fang-bangers/familiars. Next you need to command your companion to sleep in a bed (any bed). Then you get real close and when they lay their head on the pillow you press action button on them. There's an extremely small window of opportunity before they get up so you'll have to be quick about it, and it might require a bit of practice. You will get all the benefits of feeding with half the work! You've now got a blood bank and someone to help you fight off baddies on those rare occasions when you have to venture out in the day.
Picking up Skyrim tonight and I CANT WAIT! Thanks for the tips man, I'll keep them in mind.
Whatever you do, don't use the following. Unless you want to be so unkillably broken that the game isn't fun;


Also, keep in mind once you hit ~lvl 30 the regular bandits and other bull**** you deal with on a constant basis that isn't a dragon or giants will 1 shot you over and ovre and over and over and over and over and over and over and over with thier bull**** instagib executions.

Seriously, even with capped AC and over 300 HP I'll still randomly get 1 shot by a ****ty as bandit who hits me from behind and instagibs my throat.

The game is fun as hell though. Much more fun than Oblivion, that's for damn sure.

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Is skyim worth it?

Keep in mind I hated Oblivion. Has the Elder Scrolls games improved enough for me to try it?

I did enjoy fallout 3

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I think it's brilliant -- but then again, I loved Oblivion. So I'm not really sure.

I'd say try it.. but based on what you said, you may be disappointed?


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I got it today. I'll install it on my PC later this week and leave my review

It's a much more fleshed out Oblivion, basically.

The quest lines are a lot longer, the world is a lot better populated and is much more aestetically pleasing (and not the same half a dozen textures repeated ad naseum), but overall it's still Oblivion 2.0.