A Direction this forum should consider taking.


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I think to possibly help improve our member base we should capitalize on the release of the new gaming systems and move those sections further up on our website. I would even suggest possibly having your own section (not a sub forum) for the new Nintendo wii, PS3, and XBOX 360. In these sections you can include reviews for the games in a sticky and shit like that.

Your thoughts?


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Ramp up on WoW shit.


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Look at our Gaming sections. How the hell would making them their own sections and posting forced reviews (which we already have a reviews sectons and such) add to the traffic?

If anything we should close those forums and merge them with CC.


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I think it could if we emphasized it more. Or possibly, as I said, move it up a section?


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Remember how anal I was about either going hacks or no hacks? Well, either way I don't think would have brought more active members.
What I believe we need is advertising. We need to let people out there know we are here. Maybe offer something? Yes, we offer strategies for SC, WC, Diablo and a lot of other games! Look at blizzforums, they have a website with a lot of useful information. Not even useful; just information.