2v2 Counter to Fiend/Hunt Rush


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A friend and I are looking for a counter for a Fiend/Hunt Rush, we vs several teams that use this strategy, and despite knowing exactly what they are going to do, we can't find a consistant counter that works, he plays as Orc, and I play as Random (so any race will work for me)

Here is how the strategy works:

The Night Elf will harass with either PotM or DH, preventing one of us from creeping, while the Night Elf is harassing, the Undead (With the Death Knight and 1 or 2 fiends and a Rod of Necromancy) will go and steal creeps closest to the base the Night Elf is harassing, while the Night Elf masses Hunts and the Undead Masses Fiends, once the DK gets level 3, or close to it, they will attack, typically we can survive the first attack however, they will come back shortly after with a Lich and Obsidian Statues, and not long after Destroyers, there are a few variations to this strategy where the Night Elf may get a few Dryads during the second attack or instead of going Destroyers they go Frost Wyrms...