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Bashiok said:
We’re preparing for a Diablo II ladder reset to coincide with the release of the 1.13 patch that’s currently in development. We don’t have a final release date for the patch yet, but we’re providing early warning as a reset could occur as early as the end of April. We’ll be providing updates with more certain dates once the patch is closer to release.

Please be aware that with a ladder reset
all ladder characters are moved to non-ladder. This means that your characters will still be accessible but will no longer have access to ladder-only features and games. In order to play in the new ladder season after the reset you will need to make new ladder characters.

This thread will be updated with more information as it becomes available.

Update - 7/20

As stated in the "Myth" thread
(http://forums.battle.net/thread.html?topicId=18031060417&sid=3000) we're still working toward releasing the Warcraft III patch currently in testing on our Westfall Public Test Realm. Testing is looking good on the Warcraft III patch though and once it's released focus will go to the Diablo II 1.13 patch.

The 1.13 patch is very far along so it should only be a limited amount of testing before it hits the Westfall PTR. Still, any number of issues could delay a release so any dates or estimates for release won't be made available.

A forum is now available for discussing the PTR and patch and will continue to be available for posting feedback and bug reports once the patch actually goes live. This is to ideally keep the other Diablo II forums dedicated to current game discussion. Any threads discussing the 1.13 patch/PTR/etc. will be moved to the Test Realm forum, or deleted.


Update - 8/5

The Warcraft III patch has been released but in order to resolve some persistent issues work is not yet moving to the Diablo II patch. Again this involves some very high priority issues that need to be resolved before work can continue on D2 1.13

We'll keep you updated as work progresses.

Update - 9/2

Work commences on patch 1.13. We won't be providing any information on when the patch will be available, except that we expect the PTR to be available "soon". We will provide some amount of warning very, very shortly before the PTRs become available. Please keep in mind that any number of factors could delay the start of the PTR and ultimate release of the patch. Thanks for being patient, we're getting close now.

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Please keep in mind that any number of factors could delay the start of the PTR and ultimate release of the patch.
I like how they always leave an open door for their failures.


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the beta is out guys.. old news but yeah.. i dont think the patch is effective enough to get me back into d2 :(


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uhum - best patch ever - more rune drops/ mass chaos runs/ no iron maiden / no uber leveling - damn the reign of the hammerdins will be unquestionable.