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Then: Middleschool maybe? :/ Probably googling hacks
Now: IT for Facebook


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Then: Looking for Maphack for diablo 2
Now: 200 lb 10% Bodyfat bodybuilder, Hospital Nurses assistant, Currently enrolled in School. Getting older sucks.

RoaCh of DisCord

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Not much has changed with me. I still cry myself to sleep while fapping.


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no... I speak of the old asylum where a mod deleted all of the old posts. So all of my original posts from 2007 when I was always messed up are gone.... Asylum was like my mental journal and it's burnt to dust.
Asylum was the only place I felt sane...


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Then: Looking for map hacks for WC3. Trolling.
Now: Finishing up my bachelors in criminal justice. A little WoW here and there, and trolling.


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Then: Middle school. Looking for WC3 map hacks.
Now: Software Developer for investment bank


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I miss the old BF layouts


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Just on a whim while bored decided to see if this site still existed..and it somehow sadly does!?

Then: Looking for D2 Maphack, becoming a video game nerd at the ripe age of 15
Now: Just got engaged, and working at a $12.00/hr job because I didn't go to college. :D

Edit: Oh hey look I still have lame anime sig/avatar..


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Whoa, this site still exists. I haven't checked in years.....

Then: playing warcraft 3 from morning until night (i wonder if people still play it anymore)
Now: in college studying to be a physical therapist


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Wow it's been incredibly long since I've checked this site and even longer since I was active on it. If any of you still remember me (probably around 2003-2005), I'd actually be down to catch up!

Then: Middle school playing SC and modding the SC forums
Now: B.A. in Biology, not doing anything with it yet!