Zerg unit info and discussion about the new/improved Queen

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    GosuGamers - Feature: SC2: Zerg Unit Fact Sheet

    Simple list of every so-far confirmed unit, most with pictures and basic ability info.

    Drone: Nothing new here, really. They DO seem to gather minerals faster than in SC1, although the vids I've seen could have been sped up.

    Zergling: Quite similar to before, although I couldn't tell in the gameplay vids if they still spawn 2 at a time. New: they have LOST the wings and of course retain the Baneling mutation.

    Overlord: Much like before, except they no longer innately possess Detector status, and have a couple new abilities. With the absence of Creep Colonies in SC2, extending the Creep is done in different ways now. An Overlord can temporarily create a small patch of Creep at any location for Zerg to build on. There's also an ability that can temporarily disable resource nodes.

    Overseer: Overlord upgrade, the Overseer loses the Slime (resource disabling) and Creep generation abilities, but gains the original detection abilities that it's missing from SC1.

    Queen: Brand new and completely redone, the Queen builds directly from a Hatchery and can only be present one at a time. With a host of abilities that unlock as your hive develops, she primarily fulfills a role of base development manager and is essential to static defense.

    Hydralisk: Similar to before, except that now they're a tier 2 unit, only producable after you get a Lair.

    Roach: Interesting new ground v ground unit with high regeneration abilities that is difficult to kill without concentrated heavy fire. Not immensely deadly, but requires enemy strategy to deal with.

    Mutalisk: Not much looks to have changed from SC1 here.

    Baneling: Morphed from Zerglings, these little gasbags roll into enemies to go boom and cause pretty decent damage. I've seen some nasty ambushes in the videos with these things. Apparently the morph from Zergling to Baneling is pretty quick too, which yields tactical options.

    Lurkers: They're back, and amazingly they actually look like what they are: a genetically freaked-out Hydralisk. Sized similar to the Hydralisks are now rather than big as a house, Lurkers have one new feature I've seen: they're still visible when they burrow. Interesting...

    Nydus Worm: Technically it's probably more of a building, but these guys replace Nydus Canals, and nobody is going to miss the old way with the possible exception of anybody who has these things pop up in their bases and start disgorging Banelings. These suckers work just like Nydus Canals, but "build" their exit quicker and can pop up anywhere on the map.

    Infestor: Seems to replace the Defiler and the original Queen. Uniquely able to move while burrowed, the Infestor is a nasty tactical beastie. It can apparently infest any enemy Terran building and cause it to pump out Infested Marines for a short time, in addition to having a Disease ability similar to SC1's Science Vessel ability Irradiate, and has the Dark Swarm ability of SC1 Defilers.

    Infested Marine: Doesn't appear to blow up this time around, but instead operates much like a standard Marine.

    Corruptor: New A2A unit that (to me) resembles organic versions of the Matrix's Sentinels. They don't directly kill enemy aircraft, instead stacking "damage" until the enemy ship is "corrupted" and becomes a stationary turret that fires at other enemies. Pretty sick.

    Ultralisk: Bigger, uglier, and more badass than ever. Not a whole lot is new here, except they can BURROW! Ultralisk ambush = lol.

    Swarm Guardian: I haven't seen them yet, but they apparently function similarly to the original Guardians, with one difference...their attacks can apparently spawn Broodlings like the original Queen ability. The description was vague, I'm not sure if this is an activated ability or something that comes with a regular attack...whatever the case, yikes.

    And HERE: GosuGamers - Feature: On the Queen whether it's a hero or not is the complete talkthrough on the Queen. Looks like one sweet unit, although it's not the superpowered tank it appeared to be in the vids. It develops with your Hive and does a lot for static base defense and base expansion.

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    Since I already know everything already, I'll add something so irrelevant to the game but I found interesting. Some people were complaining about the infester's appearance, but apparently it started as a siege units that sent out (some sort of bio bomb thing) from a fair distance, only it could be intercepted by the enemy. It later was taken out because it functioned badly against some units like Zealots when trying to intercept it, but they liked the concept art so much when the idea for the infester came up the traits were given to that unit.

    That is why the infester looks a little heavy and more like an artillery bug form starship troopers, and not as fast as a unit that can tunnel under ground.
    Just so you know.