Your most recent custom game: Describe!

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    May 20, 2003
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    Temple Prime, Sarajevo
    Footman Frenzy 3.8.

    Heroes: Level 18 Randomed Firelord, Halpmeh, Paladin (learned all basic skills no ultimates).

    It was stalemate for 1 hr and 50 minutes. I souped my Firelord with 4 Totems of Might and Claws of Devastation. My Halpmeh had no items, and my paladin had souped up hit points. Got knights with 14/10 upgrades. The real challenge was blue's pit lord. He did 277 damage with his 2 claws of deva. He cleaved thru my teammates 20/13 glaives like hot knife thru butter.
  2. Wing Zero

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    Oct 27, 2002
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    Map:D2 AOS

    Hero used:Offence Aura Paladin

    Number of players/Teams:4 people/2 teams

    Item build:Anything with Life Steal and Faster Attack
    Prefer Items-Syph Hym Amulet

    Spell build:Zeal, Blessed Hammers, Fanatism,Thorns is Optional
    Fanat and Zeal should be lvled as much as u can, Blessed around 3ish

    Battle report:
    IT was a dark day on Haggorath me and ace will go up agisnt the 2 prim evils
    Baal and Meph who are trojan and khull
    I was a paladin and ace as a posin necro
    The baattle stared off with our upper hand
    er wer pushign the evil forces back
    and then i dueled meph and he was no match for the light of my zeal
    the baattle continued till the left was being pushed back
    baal was pusing haggoraths forces back
    then ace wen lollololol summon skellys and pushed him back
    afterwrods they both left and me and ace won