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    It's like Yuppie Ghetto...
    I'm new in this subforum, and it's pretty long, so it may seem logical not to read EVERYTHING, so just in case, I'll post again. Sometimes RPing doesn't invole battle, but when it does (almost ALWAYS), I never see anyone describe the area they're in.

    Dining room. Long table, dangling lights, fancy paintings, forks. Someone has telekinesis, and can throw plates at you.

    Everyone should read each others' char info. If it was changed or edited, you cannot edit it during the battle, or after the area description has been posted. Abilities, skills, and equipment should be stated. EVERYTHING. If what you post wasn't in your "PRE-RP Resume", :loopy then it is not valid. No secrets. You don't have to post it in the same thread, if you already have every detail about you posted already. That way, it is the other persons' responsability to check. If it cannot be found, your opponnt should ask you where the information is. Any actions should be 'attempts'.


    Lets say that '1' is standing on the table, and '2' is by a locked door.

    1*throws three knifes using telekinesis*

    2*Does not move, there are no knives here*

    1*'' '' '' three forks '' '' '' '', in 2s' direction, in a widespread*

    2*is unable to dodge the two first forks* (he moved too far to the right), *chainmail is damaged*. *Slightly wounded*