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    Long long ago, in a small town called Ghalaad, a small young boy named Acuji'i sits at home and watches the smoke rise from the east.
    "They're coming!!" he thinks to himself
    with a dash past the small wooden table, he charges out of the house, small metal sword in hand. He speeds around the small town yelling warnings, and soon the towns men are lined in the street, arms adorned with spears, shields, axes and swords. The oncoming army blasts through the towns gates, and the brave yet foolish men surge forward. They know they cannot win a battle against the warlord’s army, but they must try! They must!! Swords clash, as the blood pours. Gashes splotch the tattered bodies lying on the cold, damp ground. Acuji'i runs forward, though only a boy of 16, he has the courage of a lion. His arm is raised, his sword glistens. Down it comes with a heavy slice, and the sound of metal on metal echoes through the small town. The sword is snapped, half on the ground. With an evil chuckle, the large brutes ax is raised into the air. Down it comes; the end is near for Acuji'i. The air sizzles as an arrow tears through the chain mail on the brutes neck. Blood pours. Arrows soars. There are screams everywhere and bodies litter the ground. The helped addition of archers push back the evil army to the gates, but then, as darkness sweeps over the town, a man adorned in bone jewelry blasts through the gate straight into the battle. It’s a Kendor Warlord! 5, no 6 men are slain the instant he enters the battle, all of whom close friends of Acuji'i. Arrows break in contact with his mystical armor, and no one can get close enough to even swing; their heads ending up on the ground. Acuji’i darts behind a barrel, and pops out just as the War Mongler rides past, leaving a trail of heads on the ground. He is going for the Elder!! No! Acuji’i thinks. NO!! He jumps out and onto the black horse. His sword is raised, and with a slice, the armor is gone. A hail of arrows impale the evil battle veteran, and with a moan he leans over, dead. Acuji’i picks up his helmet off the head, places it firmly on his, and puts on his armor. It’s a little big, but it will have to do. Onward! They surge into battle, and after only 30 more minutes of fighting, the invaders are defeated. The few that remain surrender and Acuji’i is the hero of the day.

    This was 10 years ago. Acuji’i sits on his horse, his army behind him, wearing the same armor he had that day.


    A man watching in the distance from a tree wonders if he should approach. Suddenly, a scout comes up and...

    Scout: What are you doing? Who are you?
    ???: I am watching the battle looming in the distance. Who I am is of no concern.
    Scout: My lord will determine that!

    The scout draws his sword, obvious that he had not been in many battle situations. The man looks at him wondering, curiously, what to do. He decides it may be best to see this "lord." He jumps down, signaling for the scout to lead him to Acuji'i. The Scout observes this strange man, and wonders why such a strong looking warrior was even on the battlefield. His hair was as red as the flames of battle, and eyes as deep blue as the mightiest sea. He was certainly tall, and very well built. His black armor had a golden dragon’s crest, the same crest his shield held. The scout wondered if that was his house or kingdom crest. He also noted that this warrior carried a spellbook. Could such a man be a spellcaster as well? The scout continued to note, but not without the warrior’s attention. The scout then saw the man's sword. It was an awe inspiring long sword. On its hilt was the golden shape of a dragon. What was it about this warrior and dragons? He had three marks thus far. The scout then noted the strange scar on his wrist. It was quite large and looked more like blue and white scales than anything else. The scout could tell that it was a battle scare, though nothing more could be discerned.

    Scout: Do you know m'lord?
    ???: Yes. I have heard he is a strong man, and a gracious ruler.
    Scout: You have heard correct! You compliment m'lord. From what kingdom do you hail?
    ???: I am a free knight. I am under no kingdom's constraint.
    Scout: What? How are you sponsored? Where did you get that equipment?
    ???: I have killed many opponents. All my equipment is made from the finest dragon scales, wings, teeth, horns, and anything else that can be scavenged from their dead carcass.

    The scout looked at the warrior befuddled, but finally came to his lord. He quickly stated what had to be said to Acuji'i. Acuji'i takes note of the warrior, and pays special attention to the spellbook.

    Acuji'i: Are you a spellcaster or a warrior?
    ???: I am both.
    Acuji'i: It is rare I find one skilled in both arts. So, what is your name?
    ???: You may call me Ryu.
    Acuji'i: Ryu! Not the infamous Ryu of Devastation?!
    Ryu: I have been given that title, though I loathe it. I am Ryu Amerese, and I have a quarrel with the kingdom you are fighting.
    Acuji'i: I will have to ask about where you got that title. For now, they advance!

    Ryu looks in the oncoming army's direction and creates a massive meteor shower over their heads, killing many instantly and sending others flying.

    ~bamthedoc ~DragonAgnstEvil

    And as the gabble of talking commenced, the first shot was fire... landing squarely on Ryu, in the shoulder. Quickly and snugly he ripped it from a bloodless wound, (which baffled our king), and drew his sword. With a yell of hunger, and a swing out for blood, they marched, the Human Army pushing their lines forward! Blood and screams of torment can be heard across the field. Bodies dropped... and swords clashed. The continents super powers fought with a fire so fierce, that it seemed it would never end. It was then that Ryu spotted a horrid, wretched face. One he would never forget. One that was so deeply etched into his brain, the pain from him still lingered: Darz, his evil brother, long thought dead. He was sitting on a high steed, lance in hand, face smiling. Acuji’i saw this, and noticed an archer lined up on a rock. Seeing its aim, he ran over to Ryu, and threw him out of the way, just as the arrow was shot. It plunged into the neck of our brave warrior. Blood poured. His mind raced, life flashing before his eyes like a strobe light of memories... and then, another arrow. And another. Another. Looking hopelessly in dismay, Ryu grabbed his sword, and charged onward at his ally’s assassin. A deafening battle cry was heard, and a smooth sword swung, the blade slicing through the flesh of the archer as if it were never there.
    The head rolled on the floor, blood splattered Ryu.

    On-looking, a younger man sat upon the neighboring castle of Acuji’i. He was a tall man, muscles large. He worked all his life for the day his brother would give up the throne, though he never thought it would be in this way. Saving a stranger he did not know. Tears filled his eyes, and some dribbled down his cheeks. His brother was dead, at the hands of an evil man. The archer may have let the arrow fly, but he worked for Darz, that evil power hungry bastard. Quickly, Akule jumped from his perch, out the window, and slide down the roof landing in a pile of hay. He dashed out to his brother, now just a blood soaked corpse. Akule, overcome with pain and anguish, fell to his knees, the tattered corpse in his hands.

    Weeping, he lifted the sword his brother once used high into the air. He spotted a nearby man, working for Darz, and slashed out at him. One down. He stabbed at another, and another. A small spark of his brother was visible as he took out more and more of them. He fought long and hard, and soon his men were victories, their enemies retreating. He picked up his brothers corpse, and carried it to the castle.


    Following the new warrior, Ryu looked on in anguish as his long hated foe retreated. Darz was saved by the same blood that ran through him. A predisposition to sorcery, and an avid fighting spirit. Never, he thought, did he see such a horrid face, or one he detested more. Darz's past was deeply etched in his heart. The dark path of the black dragon. He decided to follow the worst of their shared family heritage. Dragons, half-dragons, dragonoids, it didn't matter. They all had chosen whether to kill or aid. Ryu's head ran with his history. Dragons were his eldest ancestors. Half-dragons were still worlds behind, and he--he was a dragonoid. Proud and strong, he chose the path of the white dragon, and he still hadn't ascended to the noble heritage he so sought, that of the holy dragon. He wished he had been able to protect Acuji'i, but he knew fate had dealt against that long ago. Darz had this day, even with the victory of the new king's army; Darz had taken the life of a great hero. Ryu wanted so badly to comfort the man he had no name for, but he had no words that could make sense of this day. Ryu noted how much the man looked like Acuji'i. Maybe a brother? He had no way of knowing; he didn't have enough information. He looked on, but knew he would have to explain who that warrior was on the battlefield. His brother! Hair the same color of the black dragon he would become when provoked, and eyes colored the red of the most demonic pits. None could win against him in his ultimate form, none but another of his ilk. This Ryu knew all too well.

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    He sat there... and wept some more. His father was killed. By dragons long ago in a small village. One swept in, while his father was sick with fever, and killed everyone. His father was a prisoner of great evil people, and the very one who tried to save him ended up his killer... irony is a cruel mistress. Akule remembered his mother too. She died when he was only of 8 years, around 8 years ago. He has no family now. Nothing left. He unfashioned the armor meant to save his brother, and set it aside. Four men came out, and picked him up in a lavish cart, and wheeled him off into the tomb where his father (what was left of him) was buried. He then picked up a sword, and dashed off into the woods, Ryu trailing behind him.
    A call out, and Akule turned around

    "Where are you off to?" Ryu asked; later he would regret this.
    "City of the Damned. Darz killed my brother. HE KILLED HIM!"

    He ran off into the forest, and Ryu followed, as if on some invisible leash.


    Ryu quickly caught up with the man he decided must be the famed Akule. He knew nothing, and yet he must learn everything. Akule was going after Ryu's brother, who had slain his brother. Akule, however, was finally regaining some of his composure. He had been running for a mile straight, and stopped to look behind him. He was amazed to find that, not only had Ryu kept up, but didn't even seem out of breath. Ryu then began to speak.

    Ryu: Revenge is not what you should seek at this moment.
    Akule: And what do you know?!
    Ryu: The person we're going after! I know more than...more than anyone should ever know.
    Akule: I know that man! He killed my...
    Ryu: He murdered more people than you can ever imagine. He did not let loose the arrows that drowned out your brother's life. I slew that man. When we take out that abomination, we will both have revenge.

    Akule did not respond to this, instead he realized that his pace must have been too much for him, for he quickly saw Ryu catching his own breath. Ryu took this moment to look over the lad. He certainly looked strong, but he seemed far too inexperienced. He has seen death, of this Ryu was sure. But dashing off on such a short measure...this man, Akule, must have a deep hatred of dragons.

    Akule: And why do you seek revenge?
    Ryu: His path has crossed mine on occasion. He killed the mage who trained me in the arts of spellcasting. He destroyed the dwarven villa where I learned my fighting prowess. And he annihilated the elvish village where I furthered all my blood given and trained abilities.

    Akule looked at Ryu not knowing what to think. He stared at the strange man before him, and finally noticed the scar on Ryu's wrist. He was curious as to how anyone could have a patch of skin that looked like dragon scales. They were blue and white, and looked odd against his peach, almost tan, skin. Who was this man? And why did Darz look so similar to who he decided was, or at least would be, his ally.

    ~bamthedoc ~DragonAgnstEvil

    These questions haunted his dreams throughout the night, and he slept very little. He had dreams of Ryu and Darz, side by side riding on horseback, slaughtering a small town. He envisioned a long spear, held by his father, slicing at what seemed to be Ryu giving him a deep scar, and another jab at Darz, stabbing him in the rib. Bluish, black blood oozed out, and suddenly, Akule awoke in a deep sweat. He glanced over and saw Ryu sleeping there, his sword by his side.

    Akule: I gotta get out of here. Evil doesn’t sleep.

    With this Akule walked out of the small encampment and into the woods, with nothing but his sword and courage. Walking around, he noticed a dark shadow following him. He walked about 6 more miles through the night upon sunrise before turning around and jabbing his sword into the near by tree. Blood started to form on the sword, and a man suddenly became visible. He was very tall, and had deep set eyes. His face was scarred as if it had been chewed on by large wilderbeast, and he was missing an arm (so it appeared).

    Akule Quickly pulled his sword out and thrust it right under the armor clad mans chin.

    Akule: Who are you and why are you following me?

    The man did not answer, but instead pulled a long thing sword, thrust it under Akule's broad and heavy weapon, and swiped it out of the way before subduing Akule. Suddenly, Ryu came dashing in, and ran at the man, sword pulled. The man kicked Ryu in the face, spun, and kicked him into a tree; knocking him out and yet all the while he still had Akule subdued even with his one arm missing.

    The Man: My name is Kaidoshen, and I do not wish to fight you. Akule could detect a chuckle in his voice as if subduing two incredible fighters was an everyday task.

    Kaidoshen: You two focus far too much on your strength than you do on your technique. If you allow me, I can help you in your search for Darz. He killed my son... and for that he shall pay.

    Akule: Well, sure alright. But you mind putting that poker away?

    Kaidoshen: Heh! Well yeah, alright. And you'd better help your bud out.

    Akule walked over to Ryu and carried him over to a large tree, and then set him on it. He was surprised that such a man could take down the both of them without any trouble.


    Ryu felt a stabbing pain as he came out of his state of unconsciousness. He couldn't believe such a man could take him down in one hit. He was awakening to see Akule training against the mysterious man. Akule slammed against the ground hard, and Ryu finally stood up.

    Kaidoshen: So, the warrior awakens.
    Ryu: What did you do? No normal attack could have knocked me out like that!
    Kaidoshen: I am Kaidoshen, and I know techniques to take out the mightiest of warrior. Though, I probably would have still been unable to kill you. You are a unique warrior, afterall and it's against the code of honor. I cannot kill.
    Ryu: What do you know of me?!
    Akule: What does it matter? He has agreed to train...both of us.
    Ryu: Fine. If one trained by the elves as I was taken out that easily, I will need more training.
    Kaidoshen: So, let us begin!

    Ryu and Akule train with this man for at least three days. They are eventually able to fight to Kaidoshen's liking, and they make their way out, eventually.

    Ryu: Listen, we're near Deephaven. I believe we may need further assistance.
    Akule: What type of assistance?
    Ryu: A powerful cleric. We will need such assistance.
    Kaidoshen: I agree. Let us go.

    Eventually, the three warriors come upon a high treetop villa that could only belong the noble High Elves. Suddenly, a drake familiar comes flying out and purrs near Ryu, as he pets it.

    Ryu: Ah! Draken, where is mother?
    Aphra: Does it matter, Ryu? You came to see me.

    This beautiful maiden extenuates the elvish blood running through her. She has a much lighter tone of hair than Ryu's, strawberry-blonde, and her eyes were the same color as the crystal clear sacred waters of Deephaven. Akule was amazed by how gracefully she walked, but then both Ryu and Aphra begin talking in elvish, which he cannot follow or understand.

    Ryu: How have you been, sister?
    Aphra: I have been well. Mother is as well.
    Ryu: And father?
    Aphra: He is a pure High Elf; he is fine.
    Ryu: Good. I'm glad to hear it. Would you like to accompany us on a quest?
    Aphra: Is it to track Darz?

    Akule may not know elvish, but Darz was a name stained on his heart as one he must kill. They were talking about Darz, but what for?

    Ryu: Yes. I should introduce you to Akule and Kaidoshen.

    Akule definitely heard his name, and looked to Ryu. Ryu and Aphra then start talking common again. Akule, at this point, cannot tell Ryu's relation to Aphra.

    Ryu: Aphra, this young warrior is Akule. The man next to him is Kaidoshen. Allow me to introduce you to the chieftain’s granddaughter, Aphra Hiborn.
    Aphra: Very pleased to meet you. I will be pleased to aid you in your quest.

    ~bamthedoc ~DragonAgnstEvil
    Suddenly, as the young warrior with an unextinguishable fire burning in his heart sat their, he heard a rustle. With speed unseen Akule pulled a small dagger, and tossed it into the brush. A deep, painfel scream was heard, and a figure cloaked in darkness flew by. The chase was on. It must've been a spy for that bastard Darz! Suddenly, the four of them were off, and Akule forgot all about his concerns. They ran hard and fast through the dark, deep forest, and their lungs burned. Finally, after what seemed to be hundreds of miles, they came to a dead end. The trees created a large wall, and our masked man turned around. With a wisp of the wind, and a flicker of his hand, smoke filled the area. Suddenly, 10 of the Black Hand (an evil organization working for darz no doubt...) Were standing around the four tired fighters. And just as our heros drew their weapons 7 of the black hand suddenly fell over, dead no doubt, as the last three flew at Ryu. Trough the hazy fog that was undoubtably the work of our masked magician the only thing visible was an outline. It was then that Akule realized that Kaidoshen was missing. As the hazy fog cleared, Kai was standing there, sword drawn, blood dripping from it. He had taken down 7 of the worlds highest trained martial artists. His long blade glowed red, and flames sparked around the base of it, as Kai's arms were engulfed in a flaming brilliance. Suddenly the flames were gone, Kai was behind Akule, and three bodies of the fallen assasins were thrown in front of akule. Ryu walked forward. All of the party was amazed at the skill shown by Kai today, but no one dared talk to him for being around him was like the presence of a legend.

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    They remain in silence for a while; Aphra mainly because she would not speak out of turn. Ryu quickly goes over the bodies, making sure to account for everyone. Kai is stunned by how cooly Ryu is going about all this. He may have shown a little awe before, but he never saw a man stay so calm in a battle where the senses were blined.

    Ryu: So, Kai...what happened to you?
    Kaidoshen: What are you talking about?
    Ryu: Nothing, nothing. I will find out anyway.
    Aphra: Ryu, what is it?
    Ryu: *talking elvish* He has a familiar scent.
    Aphra: *talking in elvish* Oh?
    Akule: What are you saying?
    Kaidoshen: It doesn't seem fair that you two hide secrets.
    Ryu: *elvish* He should talk.
    Aphra: *elvish* He is an elder.
    Kaidoshen: "ia-ano?" Elder? To whom to you refer with that respect? You look to be an elf well into her seventies!
    Aphra: I am only fifteen. It is strange but *elvish* he inquires too much.
    Ryu: *elvish* I noticed. He expects answers and gives none.
    Aphra: *elvish* I will respect you elders.
    Kaidoshen: Enough of this language! You should not speak what your allies do not understand!
    Ryu: We do when we need to. Now, tell me how you shrouded the battlefield?
    Kaidoshen: I have my own secrets. When you share more, I will tell you.
    Ryu: Good. Then if you don't want to die, don't push my secrets to the surface.
    Akule: You threaten...
    Ryu: No.
    Aphra: *after a short pause* There is a blood-pact in knowing his secret. He cannot risk you getting hurt for his sake, elder.
    Akule: Elder? Wha...
    Ryu: She uses that for anyone who is older than her. It's out of respect. When she is fifty, she will no longer have to do that for anyone, except the Patriarch, her grandfather, or the High Cleric of Martha.
    Kaidoshen: Very well, we should head back to the villa. We may need some supplies.

    They make their way back. They are greated by the High Cleric of Martha. She goes over them, ensuring no wounds. She stops at Kai, but leaves quickly. She appears to know something, and Kai recognizes that. Then an elf comes with three horses. One for Ryu and Aphra, and the other two for Kai and Akule.

    ~bamthedoc ~DragonAgnstEvil
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    Akule grabs his stuff, and walks down the long pathway out.

    Kai: Akule... its been a lon--
    Akule: (Cutting him off) Dont even talk to me, old man...

    Akule's eyebrows lower as a snarl comes across his face.

    Kai: Koo... whats wrong

    An erruption of rage against Kai is unleashed as akule grabs him by the neck and throws him into a tree. kai kicks off it and a great bout commences. Ryu trys to step in and only gets two fists to the face by both fighters. A little embarrassed, he steps off. The fight ends with Kai holding a sword to akules neck, and akule holding one to kais....

    Akule: Dont think i dont remember what you did... or havent found out what you havent told me.

    Kai: Koo.


    Kai: Akule... you need to calm down that was a long time ago.

    Akule sliced kai's eye, and walked on ahead of the group... every walked the reminder in silence.