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    I was looking for best games to play with cool graphics on my cell phone (others include NFS Carbon&Pro Street, DoomRPG, CS mini game) when not using a PC and I came across this and this

    YouTube - starcraft ghost mobile
    YouTube - Star-Craft - Mobile (PREVIEW) (better preview)

    I even came across this:
    Space Rescue (Michael Zinn.DE)

    Ye, ye I know, this game is sooo 5 years ago. Saw it on a friend's cell phone in 9th or 10th grade - 5 years ago thinking that was a theme that he cr8ted when I saw the options bar.

    This is not rly SC ghost but the normal SC. (1st game): The whole game is like a small campaign or a custom SC map where the 'hero' is a unit, a ghost. Credits go to the Chinese for creating this game and the game in the link. You can't have a laptop or PC or net at some moment and you play starcraft on your mobile! This is the best mobile game. Why? Because the game in the link above is still recreated/drawn graphics with a little ScrS for the icons but this is 1:1 graphics with PC version. It prolly has 8 missions you can go, but playing SC on your mobile, that's amazing! And it wouldn't be that amazing if the graphics weren't 1:1. Many other games have just some stupid mannikins. Well I play only games with good graphics like NFS, but SC beats all coz that's 1:1 as SC@PC. Wish they created a SC2 too. But like wtf phones or Blackberries or whatever can hold up now GBs so why don't they cr8 smth that can be 20 MB or 100 MB or 1 GB using the same memory. Ok at least 20 MB games you can play smth very long. This sux mobile games are max 1 MB or so.

    Just spotted the 2nd SC game. But it's only 116 KB = short game ..

    All you need is a mobile device that can read .jar. Which all phones have.