Star Wars: Knights of the old republic

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    Same idea, different storyline.

    You can create a charcter from this list(the races are restricted to classes(minus humans), they will be explained a bit later):

    Wookie - Wookies cannot become jedi, but can use bowcaster even if scout. Melee based hero(restricted to: Scout and Soldier)

    Human - Rounded out, more ranged character than melee though(can be: Scout, Soldier or Scounderal)

    Droid - Mostly a ranged character, accels at defeating other droids.(different classes, can be either assasin or battle)

    Mandalorian - Character is strong but slow, more of a melee character. (Soldier and Scout)

    Echani- Character is much more dexterous, mainly a ranged attacker (Scout and Scounderal)

    There are 3 regular classes and 2 droid classes. And there are 3 jedi classes, but there are special rules and you cannot become a jedi right off the bat. First, lets discuss regular and droid classes.

    Soldier: Soldier classes will have the ability to regenerate hps, deal more melee damage than any other class, and take more damage than any other class.

    Scout:(unless a wookie, restricted to teir 1 and 2) Scout classes will have the ability to use implants(discussed later), deal most ranged damage, and use high calibur rifles(other classes cant...dont have the precision).

    Scounderal: (restricted to first 2 tier weapons)Scounderal classes will have the ability to hack computers, break locks, do the dirty work, etc., they are more of a ranged class than a melee class(between, leaning more ranged than melee) Can sneak and deal back attack melee damage, and they can play dead. Scounderals come with wrist launcher(think boba fett's little net launcher...except this one can shoot poison darts, paralysis darts, and exploading darts(rare)).

    ((Implants are small buffs that are made up by the user. These buffs cannot be like: add godlike reflexes. But it can add reflex or vision etc. just keep it fair...ill say something if its over the top))

    Droid classes(cannot use force):

    Assasin: Very similar to the scounderal class, except that assasin droids do not use melee, instead, they have cloes range weapons like flamethrowers. Other than that, they are the same as scounderals(except no special melee attack, instead, they have precision ranged attacks and hack computers better)

    Battle: Larger in design than the assasin droid model, battle droids are meant to be melee characters that have the short range attatchments as do the assasin droids, but they have the ability to decimate another droid. Not as competant as a splicer, but more for repairs. Can use large weapons assasin droid cannont.


    Throughout the course of the RPG, i hope to try and implement jedi classes. If it works, it should be cool. if not....

    there is:

    Jedi Counselar: A mix between defence and assault.

    Jedi Guardian: A Jedi that uses defence force powers

    Jedi Sentinal: A jedi that favors assault force powers

    NOTE: Droids and Wookies cannot become jedi.

    Weapons(armor is split between light/medium/heavy and jedi robes. Grenades are split between fragmented, sticky, and ion grenades):

    There are many diff types of weapons to use, they range from light one-handed weapons to medium two-handed weapons to heavy two-handed weapons.


    Blaster Pistol
    Ion Pisto
    (carbine is a personal shield disrupter, doesnt do as much damage to flesh)
    Carbine Pistol

    Blaster Rifle
    Ion Rifle
    Carbine Rifle

    Repeating Rifle
    Disrupter Rifle

    Melee(all melee can stop lightsaber)

    Dual edged weapon

    SPECIAL WEAPONS(only availible for the class)

    Scout-(instead of a sidearm)High Calibur(Peircing small magazine sizes) Blaster Rifle, Low Calibur(like battle rifle from halo, except when not zoomed it is a blaster rifle esque, not 3 shot, also, if you choose this, you cannot have any other rifle class weapon) Blaster Rifle

    Scounderal- Dart gun, dual pistol effeciancy(scout and soldier lose accuracy)

    Soldier-All heavy weapons are only availible to soldiers. Repeating rifle is an automatic blaster rifle, bowcaster is a weapon capable of shooting mutiple rounds per blast, Disrupter is a different type of ion that shoots like the low calibur blaster rifle except ion oriented.

    ALL classes can use personal sheilds, but you can only have a melee shield or ranged sheild on at any time, melee is better vs melee weapons and ranged is good against ranged weapons.


    To start off, introduce your character by saying who he/she is in the party, what class they are what race they are, etc. his and why they are in the group.(your characters history will be unravaled throughout the story)

    I shall go first:

    Name: Naga Saber
    Race: Human
    Class: Scout
    Weaponset:(pick any 3 unless you chose low cal rifle for scout) Carbine pistol, Blaster Rifle, Low Cal rifle, Shortsword.
    Implant: Reflex boost
    Age: 30
    Reason: After dropping off cargo shipment, Naga joined the group to make credits doing freelance with a group.

    . Easyy?.


    This is set sometime in the past, way before episode one and a long time after KOTOR 2. The republic has entered a golden age of rule, with new planets(including mandalorians) entering the republic, the age of wars seemed over. The republic sent excavation teams to planets like korriban(sith homeworld(?)) to collect data on the old worlds so ancient cultures are never forgotten. An archeologist group discovers the ancient tomb of a sith lord on one of the rim worlds, a great discovery. After days of excavating for another tomb, the archeologists left the planet for nearby systems in hope of finding another. A traveler entered the tomb of Novai(the earlier tomb) and disappeared forever. Now, a dark force has risen on the rim colonies, plagueing planets with a common hate for the republic. The sith now have a few core colony uprisings, and the republic still waits for action...

    you are the member of a simple group of freelancers who's ship(s) have been abducted by a sith cruiser, and are being held in brig untill you escape(aka, when we have enough people in the rpg)

    ((SO OK! PEOPLE! JOIN!!!!))
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    In you, of course.
    OOC: Wow... this is nothing like KotOR 2... the Scout was the best all-around class, and Mandalorians can't become Jedi.

    Just a side-note: Echani are melee, not ranged, characters. Or maybe you just didn't pay attention to Handmaiden that much...

    I might join if there are more people.
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    I made a thread on this with a very indepth detail about races and the like. Feel free to rip em and use em.
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    Ilya, city of stone.
    Name: Randy Mokae
    Race: Human
    Class: Scounderal
    Weapon set: Longsword, Shortsword, Ion Blaster
    Implant: None
    Age: 27
    Reason: He joined the Republic to get more money for his smuggling. He was sent to aid the group with hacking/stealing and the like.