spellcraft by clan map spell list?!

Discussion in 'Warcraft III' started by xfce, Aug 8, 2005.

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    Aug 8, 2005
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    Where i can find the spell list of combinations for version 0.61 ?!
    Do Anybody Know?
  2. Orcu'Fericit

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    Nov 13, 2005
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    just play the map in single player and make the list yourself after experimenting all combinations
  3. Octopor

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    Nov 28, 2003
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    I have a few.
    Trueshot Aura - 136 (left to right)
    Command Aura - 146
    Endurance Aura - earth fire fire
    Bash - energy to the right and the up one
    Skellies - dark light light
    Thunder Clap - lightning lightning fire
    Fan of Knives - earth earth storm
    Critical Strike - energy fire earth
    Unholy Aura - dark dark fire
    Cannibalize - energy light storm
  4. Private_Sejlund

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    Apr 1, 2008
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    I am not sure if this is the full list but here it is:

    Flame Strike - fire fire fire
    Rain of fire - fire fire water
    Endurance Aura - earth fire fire
    Shockwave - fire fire storm
    Fire Bolt - fire fire energy
    Breath of Fire - fire fire light
    Imolation - fire fire dark

    Crusing Wave - water water water
    Summon Water Elemental - water water fire
    Brilianse Aura - water water earth
    Blizzard - water water lightning
    Frost Bolt - water water energy
    Devotion Aura - water water light
    Frost Nova - water water dark

    Entanglien Roots - earth earth earth
    Fearie Fire - earth earth fire
    Force of Nature - earth earth water
    Fan of Knives - earth earth lightning
    Anti-Magic Shell - earth earth energy
    Abolich Magic - earth earth light
    Shadow Strike - earth earth dark

    Chain Lightning - lightning lightning lightning
    Thunder Clap - lightning lightning fire
    Forked Lightning - lightning lightning water
    Lightnig Sheild - lightning lightning earth
    Stasis Trap - lightning lightning energy
    Storm Bolt - lightning lightning light
    Serpent Wand - lightning lightning dark

    Polymorph - energy energy energy
    Shackels - energy energy fire
    Frost Arrows - energy energy water
    Slow Poison - energy energy earth
    Summon Bear - energy energy lightning
    Evasion - energy energy light
    Curse - energy energy dark

    Holy Light - light light light
    Inner Fire - light light fire
    Heal - light light water
    Rejuvenation - light light earth
    Divine Shield- light light lightning
    Healing Ward - light light energy
    Banish - light light dark

    Death Coil - dark dark dark
    Unholy Aura - dark dark fire
    Sleep - dark dark water
    Raise Dead - dark dark earth
    Unholy Freazy - dark dark lightning
    Impale - dark dark energy
    Crippel - dark dark light

    Cyklone - fire water earth
    Slow - fire water lightning
    Spell Steal - fire water energy
    Healing Wave - fire water light
    Mana Burn - fire water dark

    Feral Sprit - fire earth lightning
    Critical Strike - fire earth energy
    Trueshot Aura - fire earth light
    Envenomed Shot - fire earth dark

    Control Magic - fire lightning energy
    Command Aura - fire lightning light
    Bloodlust - fire lightning dark

    Searing Arrows - fire energy light
    Sprit of Vengeancs - fire energy dark

    Feedback - fire light dark

    Mana Sheild - water earth lightning
    Miror Image - water earth energy
    De-spell - water earth light
    Life Steal - water earth dark

    Parasit - water lightning energy
    Pay of Desroption - water lightning light
    Breath of Frost - water lightning dark

    Bash - water energy light
    Devour Magic - water energy dark

    Frost Armor - water light dark

    Warstomp - earth lightning energy
    Purge - earth lightning light
    Hex - earth lightning dark

    Blink - earth energy light
    Carrion Beetles - earth energy dark

    Roar - earth light dark

    Wind Walk - lightning energy light
    Orb of Annihilation - lightning energy dark

    Silens - lightning light dark

    Essens of Blight - energy light dark