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    Section 3 Infomation about dupes.
    Dupes, im sure alot of you want to know how to dupe... Well sorry Bad news ... Unless you know a method you simply CANT
    Dupe. There are some methods about such as the lag dupe method (also known as the ebay dupe. this is what you get if you buy a dupe method for 50 cent off ebay) :

    Posted by Aznhb5
    Dupe #1:
    when u get the message saying battle net servers will be shutting down in 5
    minutes, u make a game with the character you want duped... have a friend
    join the game, mule them items... quickly have them leave game and join
    another before realm goes down, the character that had the items in that
    game then just sits in that game until the relam goes down, and when realm
    comes back up wholla... ur rollbacked

    Dupe #2:

    1) Go cowing/questing etc. u'll lag out in a game eventually. U will know ur
    in the right game when u can type something, and it takes about 40 seconds+
    (give or take) before it appears on the screen. For the sake of simplicity,
    the person lagged in the game is player A.

    2) Get player B (A Friend) to log onto your account. Have him attempt to
    join your game, and it should say "Game Does Not Exist" (GDE).

    3) Player B joins a new game (let's say: Idupe1/1).

    4) Player C joins that game, and helps player B xfer all of the items off of
    player B to a new mule.

    5) Exit player B and C.

    6) Exit player A.

    This method works 95% or so of the time
    easiest way to get number 2 a more chance of happening and which i have done
    quite a bit is get a elemntal druid or a necro which i use and lag out the
    do this with elemental attacks with a druid that make holes ect in the
    ground and use bonewall for a necro necro would be alot
    easier the bone wall have to be destroyed though and keep making a crapload
    and have them destoryed for about 10 mins or so youll notice the lag

    these cannot be patched these are due to problems blizz cant fix thus this
    will always be a way to dupe


    This method works for somepeople, doesnt work for others, This is the PUBLIC infomation, Some people have an Extra
    step on how to get it to work, Dont ask for this extra step, people wont post it.
    There is also another dupe method similar to this , but same thing realy.

    Why do my dupes keep on getting deleted?
    Your dupes are getting deleted because you havent permed them EVERY GAME, Two methods of permaing are: -
    1) At the END of the game, Trade with someone who hasnt got the same dupe as you, Show the item , Exit trade, Exit game.
    2) YOu NEED ALOT OF GOLD. Sell your CLEAN (not dirty-socketed) item to the shop , but it back , leave game.
    ***NOTE*** if you item is dirty-socketed you wont be able to buy it back.
    ***NOTE*** Make sure there is enough room in the NPC to by the item back.
    no2 works with items which have ALL clean sockets, it does NOT work with items which have any sockets filled.

    Section 4 How to dupe & how to make ith & What is it?

    Duping As posted above that is pretty much the ONLY public dupe method out , Very unrelible unless you know
    how to do it right. Other ehten that there are no public dupe methods out.

    Ith how to make Posted by RIX

    Ok for you newbies out there i have the old ith method if you would like to know....

    Here Goes:

    D2hackit, Snifferxp and 2 people we're needed

    First you load the sniffer by typing "load .sniffer" then u type".sniffer show s 9c" then ".sniffer show s 9d"

    Now enter a trade with a friend.

    Then your friend puts in a runeworded item and you will see packets write them down.

    These packets will be used for buying the runes out of the item.

    Now you go to stand by type ".sniffer show s 13" and talk to Charsi. The LAST 8 DIGITS you see is Charsi's ID

    Now look back to those 9c packets you wrote down earlier and look at the first 8 digits after the 9c and those are the RUNE ID's.

    Now you enter trade with Charsi (your friend still has the item in his inventory). u type".send 32 (CHARSI'S ID) (RUNE ID)0100000001010000"
    You should now have a rune in ur inventory. do this for every rune ID and when you have finished you will have made an ith item that will have the stats of your runeword'd item without the runes in it.

    To make the item indestructable you put in a zod and whatever you want after that =) untill next time cya laterz NOW STOP ASKING HOW TO MAKE ITHS this was the old method we won't release the NEW METHOD NOW shhhhhh t f u.~

    What is ith?
    Ith is a runeworded item, Such a silence, The runes were taken out of the item and replaced with jewels / other runes Keeping
    The runeword bonus. ITH IS NOT LEGIT, Ment to mean ITEM THAT is HACKED.
    These are powerfull items give nice bonuses Such as Resist , High Ias/Ed,

    Section 5 Previous Dupe methods

    previous dupe methods were: -
    dupe swap, BD, Yay - These simply Switched an item with another item so you could sell and item to a NPC from a bugged
    Location then buy it back.
    THESE METHODS ARE PATCHED , There are some variations Which work but they are private.

    Section 6 Chatting in color
    posted by SAVAGE

    First of all you need to dl d2hackit from either or my Ftp site

    then extract the zip file into its own folder..and run diablo 2 and minimize the game..then run loader.exe and go back into the game..and the message saying loader is inabled will be there then type:

    .say $$[number here] [message here]
    E.G .say $$1 hi <--- will say Hi in RED

    if u wanna annoy people type
    .repeat 100 .say $$1 HAHAHAHA
    <---This will say HAHAHAHA in red 100 times....

    Colours : 1-9
    1= RED
    2= Green
    3= BLUE
    4= GOLD
    5= Light Grey
    6= Black
    7= yellow
    8= Cool Orange colour
    9= Darker yellow

    this may also work in game if u type $$[number] u do not have to type .say
    Example: $$8 hello <----That will say Hello in ORANGE

    There are also some hidden colors that most people dont realize:
    (use the following symbols after the $$ tmake these appear eg: $$@ hello <--that says hello in a weird type of white or you can allso just type $$ hello <---that says hello in a foggy blury kinda white (make shure there is a space )

    != white

    NOTE: All whites are different!

    :=a different green
    <=same green as 2

    SaVaGe SaYs: I hope i have helped those of you, useing the color part of d2 hackit for what ever reasons u may use it.

    By Oneyedman

    Chatting in color in channels is risky , You can get MUTED (Cant chat to other users , other then Pm's
    To chat in colors download Chat hack from here (for Windows 2000/NT/XP)
    here (for Windows 9x/Me)
    Note from Korittke: The channel colorhack for windows 9x/Me will give you a virus warning. However, that file is 100% clean and the virus warning is incorrect. The file won't harm your computer in any way
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    Sep 30, 2002
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    Section 7 Rollback.
    Rollback Module RBXP for d2hackit made by the one and only Ultimate Empire - !!!PATCHED!!!
    Download here.

    Alt-F4 Rollback Method, requires 2 persons, no program
    1. Player A creates a game and does absolutely nothing.
    2. Player B enters this game and does stuff like crafting/identifying. Don't waste too much time here.
    3. When Player B is done, he (B) walks over to A and request a trade.
    4. As soon as Player A sees Player B's traderequest, Player A exits the game by pressing Alt+F4.
    -> Player B rolls back.

    Rollback Method, requires D2Hackit, Trigger Module and 2 cd keys aswell as D2Loader
    0=trigger set r 7701 send 60
    1. Start first Diablo II instance with first CD Key and attach D2Hackit.
    2. Create a game and load Trigger if it isn't already, don't move/chat or anything else.
    3. Start second Diablo II instance with second CD Key, enter the game and do stuff like crafting/identifying. Don't waste too much time again.
    4. In second Diablo II instance click on the character you are playing with in the first Diablo II instance and the first Diablo II instance will crash.
    -> Character in second Diablo II instance rolled back.

    Section 8 Hack sites
    Posted by Cwittler
    Okay im doing this thread so people wont be scammed on fake trojan sites....

    [added by korittke] << mousepad maphack

    D2network Recomended <<<NEWEST D2HACKIT IS HERE<<<


    Maulei (D2hackit Modules, AutoSkills, etc.)

    JED (Bot).

    D2jsp (Bot)

    Skulls hack site (up again):


    Cigamit (shop bot) <<<DOWN>>>


    Herzog Zwei (Main D2hackit Core Contributor, Snuff, misc others)

    BMHacks <<<USELESS>>>

    FallenAngel (the old IPB)

    Ryeguy457 (SpamBot)

    Magnus-Magnus (Bots)

    iNDiGO2k/eleven (Chat Color Hack)

    Gollum (GambleBot)

    Onlyer (CD key sniffer/changer)


    Sano (New Pickit)

    All i can think of for now... ill post more laterz...


    Section 9 PVPGN

    Posted by Skull

    Both amadeus and I have upgraded to the latest PvPGN files. Get em here: or here:

    Section 10 Information about bugged items
    Long article by Morgalis
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