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    I've come across many of these so I thought I'd post what I've found and maybe others can add some.

    1. Skyrim prima guide: Wow it has tons of info there!!
    3. tons of info and constantly being updated
    4. "dupe" guide:
    5. Alchemy guides
    6. Leveling skills
    7. Max your level asap maxing out all of your skills w/ minimal effort
    8. some enchanting tips
    9. Infinite 50 gold value book pick up location
    10. Location of all trainers
    11. For those of you trying to obtain all of the masks here's a few tips. There are 9 regular masks and 1 wooden mask. Also from the prima guide (available on ipt for d/l) "This isn't something you can do quickly; for example, you have to finish the Main Quest entirely and almost finish the College of Winterhold Quests in order to obtain two of them"
    12. List of glitches/cheats known so far
    13. Bugs
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    neat list, it would be cool to have a running list once some good mods come out too.

    some of the "cheats" are just ridiculous though...