Signature, Avatar, and Graphic Request thread. V 4.0

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    All of the cleaned out posts can be found here.
    and from v2.0 here.

    You can check here for posts from v3.0

    If you want an avatar, signature image, or a graphic of any sort, be sure to fill out this form:

    Who makes sig: This isnt mandatory, but if you prefer a style that a certain sig-maker uses, feel free to say it here.
    Colors: Here you put the general color scheme you would like your sig to use. This may include the overall hue of it, and the text color, ect.
    Pictures: Here you can tell what pictures you would like included in the sig. Please keep them reasonable (no really distorted ones). Links and attached Images are very helpful.
    Text & Location: Location of text in the sig, also the type of font with a link to the place to download it. (We suggest,,, or
    Border: Say if you would like a border, the style of border, and what color you'd like it to be.
    Size: Width x height, but nothing over the limits. The current dimension limits are 500x200.

    Extra: Whatever else you feel we missed in this list.

    -Sig makers-​

    Name: AxL
    Portfolio:In sig
    • Ill do my best
    • I dont like working with mulitpe pictures
    • If you dont like it I will do my best to fix/change it
    • Not great at all effects
    • I tend to use Bevel & Emboss alot

    Name:RoaCh Of DisCord
    Portfolio: N/A
    • Good with photoshop
    • Good with Creativing and using transparency
    • Good with "dark" themed images.
    • Will do what you want
    • Sometimes takes awhile, because i try to make it perfect
    • Hate anime, so anime sigs turn out bad.

    Name: SmashBros.Pro
    • Work well with images
    • Lots of Filters and fonts
    • I'll work on the image until it is complete and you're satisfied
    • Not great with borders
    • Tend to use Clouds alot

    Name: ¥ôÜ §úçK
    Portfolio: making one
    • will do my best
    • i do faurly good job
    • good with boarders
    • will use lots of pictures if wanted
    • not many filters
    • rather new.....
    • I usually need *ideas* or I wont do much :)

    Name: Radium
    Portfolio: N/A
    • Perfectionist, sorry.
    • I can work with numerous images.
    • I'll try and deliver within 2 days.
    • If I can't do it, or I don't see it coming together, I will let you know via PM.
    • I absolutely refuse to do dbz, trigun, or any of that stuff. I will only do anime chicks if they are hot.
    • Sometimes I go overboard on things, and I need to be told when.

    Name: Dark Blade
    Portfolio: N/A
    • Will work long hours...
    • Good at cutting out images.
    • Fast and speedy.
    • Can make different themes well.
    • Has big penis.
    • Sometimes my effects are too my liking, and if you like something else then tell me before we start.
    • Not good with borders.
    • Too cool for school.

    Name: Akule
    Portfolio: <-- my site. A lot of my work can be seen there.
    • works at least 3 to 4 hours per sig
    • good bkg effects
    • great boarders
    • unlimited resources
    • Getting better by the moment
    • Different Styles mean i got somethin just for you
    • I'm god!
    • Can only work 4-5 days a week cause of school
    • Actually has a life

    Name: pat
    • I don't do anime. There are a few exceptions (dbz is definately not one of them)
    • I work until it is complete (the joys of having too much spare time)
    • I attempt to make it look good. I don't show it until it does IMO.
    • *Anything good you notice about my work*
    • You better have a good idea of what you want. If you don't it might be awhile before I come up with something.
    • I will decline requests under certain circumstances (being busy, don't like the idea, etc.)
    • *Anything you dislike about my work*

    Name: ReiGn
    Portfolio: Coming Soon....
    • I'll do my best
    • Good at cutting out images.
    • I can finish the sig in less than 15-20 mins
    • Good at Interfaces/Borders
    • I always make a sig request on me....not the other sig makers
    • I SUCK at making backgrounds
    • [Insert Something bad here]

    Name: Apocilipse
    • Ill do the best to my ability
    • Im still new but i know what im doing
    • Not good with hefty boarders or any complex boarder
    • Cannot do animated Sigs/Avatars
    • I take my time to get the sig/avatar to look great

    Name: VizjereiMage
    • I'm good at borders
    • I am good with text/color schemes
    • Good at designs
    • Cannot do animated Sigs/Avatars
    • Not good at multiple images

    Name: Fuzzo

    • I can blend images ok.
    • I have alot of free time
    • I am willing to redit picture if it is not liked

    • I dont do anime..
    • Sometimes takes me awhile to do a request
    • I only do sigs.

    Name: The Iconoclast
    Portfolio: (Unfinished)
    • I can work well with colors and blending.
    • I will customize my work so that it is unique
    • My work is generally very clean and does not have distinguishable seams
    • I am willing to make a number of versions of a piece in order to satisfy the person who is receiving it
    • I take anywhere from an hour to a week to complete my work

    Name - jd-inflames
    Portfolio -
    • has a lot of time
    • getting decent at 3D backgrounds
    • has a lot of texts, even though i don't use many =/
    • good at making dark sigs

    • will refuse anime...blech
    • im not creative enough to do the work for you, i need ideas
    • dunno how to do animations
    • only has about 2 months exp...but not too bad i guess

    [glow=blue]Sidenote:pM a GFX mod if you wish to be added to the list.USE THE SAME FORMAT

    Hosting and signature limits can be found here

    Note: Edited by akule, all sig makers who havent been active before BF went down have been removed. If you do not see your name on the list, this is why. Please PM me.
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