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    Hello, I'm looking for people to help with a very serious RPG I'm making for the PC, you must be good at what you do..., I am in need of music composers, artists, a few more voice actors, And if you want to help with stuff such as level design, battle animations, you MUST be able to use programs such as, RPG maker, Game maker , or microsoft visual studio, or even XNA

    Story and gameplay are of main importance, also this is a small test of the early gameplay,to prove I'm legit,

    YouTube - Eclipsing Chaos trailer

    NOTE: this is NOT from the main script and as it may use the characters from the final version of the script it is extended for promotional purposes only,

    YouTube - Eclipsing Chaos (free open source game)

    NOTE: all character in the second video are from the main game, however the actual scene was a special "joke" scene for the earlier released demo.

    the game is made with RPG maker vx, Game maker, And mostly with microsoft XNA

    date 2010 december 24th
    a distrell signal is sent out from the industrial city of Skawn then all comunication with Skawn are immediatly cut, the special military force "Crator" is sent to investigate what happened and what they find bodies, blood stains, damage just a peaceful empty city, but just 12 hours ago the city was so full of like and now all that it is now is...desolent
    how could an entire city disappear?...

    Q & A
    1. Why would a consumer want to choose your product? How is your product going to be different from other products?
    2. After reading this thread, I really like the open source idea. Would you object to releasing your product as open source?
    3. What would our jobs and responsibilities be?
    4. Would you like an editor? I edit through my friend's stories and such when needed (and some of them are atrocious).

    1. Well because the games graphics are old I tried to add a lot of features into the game such as a high school simulator(similar to the persona series), a complex sneaking system (which I thought was rare for an RPG, online co-op (which was hell to do XP) also I have been told from people who I've given the full script to say it a quite emotional original storyline, I also have an item creation feature which turned out very complex and fun which allows you to add effects to weapon,armors, etc, and fuse them also, I am also telling the whole story in one go and aim to make the game quite large, with various choices that affect the game, the game is a military themed RPG which I think turned out pretty well.
    The battle system in I think the biggest gem, you can learn skills which are learned
    from different weapons, armors, etc..when you learn a skill you will always have it even when the corresponding weapon or armor is removed, the skills consist of battle abilities and even attacks, the players main method to attack enemies is through combos, the combos are set when learned and link to one another, you do one of three moves the one you chose links to three more and so on and so forth, the max in a 10 hit combo various combos can be learned with each charcter, as well as co-op moves that require certain characters to be present, I also have a quite large cast of characters (17) which are all relevant to the story and are important,

    2. I do not object in any way, if a lot of people suggest or if I decide to I most likely will make it a free open-source

    3. I need 2 coders, a anime styled artist who could draw face pictures, full body pictures and some concept art, a music composer that can either perform music live or create it with MIDI music maker of some type, I need classical music and Heavy rock music, I want the classical and rock music to be very different from each other because each one is used for a certain part of the game. a spriter for making character sprites, weapons,enemies, etc.., A animator for skills and attacks, an extra mapper or two wouldn't hurt either. a few more voice actors are also needed, if anyone is interested in any of these parts contact me, and that role will be explained in full.

    4. though I edit my own stories, and editor would be very very helpful, so I could have more time to work on the main project, the editor would also be one of the people who could suggest story changes in any way

    for more info please pm me or Email me at