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    Here are some sites from Savage:

    Eric Jwins Site

    X Cheater



    Blizz Hackers

    By Vortech

    Have you seen people with colored character names?

    This is how you go about and putting some color on them.

    All you need is shadowmaster, or any other Char Editor, and the list of colors wich are:
    ÿc2Yauco Puerto Ri
    ÿc6black ÿc0<--black
    alt+0255= ÿ
    Anyways when you create a character make sure you name it as
    ÿc1NEWÿc3BIE=NEWBIE,or what ever color you want to make it, then save.

    How to Create Items, edit your chracter, and Import them into the game by l33t (yes the only thing here by me since the hacker came)

    Tools: All are found on Eric Jwin's site

    Basic- Jamella's Diablo 2 Editor
    Very basic, Easiest to use, very User-Friendly. Only thing is some items and stats do not work.

    Very simple, I don't need to explain much... Your item doesn't work? Trial and error does!

    Advanced-Eric Jwins Stats editor, Shadowmaster, Fuzzier's Item Creator

    Eric's stats can add str dex vit energy and level to no cap. Thly problem is if you attack anything but other players when you're over level 99, your d2 will freeze and you will need to reboot.

    Shadowmaster can Import items from fuzzier... Go right click Import item in INV area.

    Fuzzier's is a difficult item creator... Arrows cant have def or dur, armor has to have dur and def etc. That is the cause of most errors. Also it does not reopen items, just makes and saves.

    Guide to Making Whites


    Things you'll need
    Making an Item
    Applying the Color
    Adding the item to you Character

    -Things you'll Need

    There are a few things that you'll need to make whites. If you don't already have these,
    you'll have to download them. Here's a list of the things you'll need:

    Shadow Master
    Hex Editor

    Here's the Hex Editor for "Hex Newbies." (from
    (copy this to your browser)

    Jamella is going to be used to make a new item of your choice. In Jamella, you can add
    attributies, and sockets, etc. We need Shadow Master to import the item to your character.
    Seeing as how Jamella will not support whites. You will need the Hex Editor to apply the color
    to the item. Fairly simple process once you get it down.

    -Making the Item

    First off, you'll need to open Jamella. (note: if you already have a UNIQUE item you
    wish to turn white, please skip this section, and move on to the next one.) After opening Jamella,
    you will need to open a character that doesn't have any whites on it. If it has whites, Jamella won't
    open it. If you need to, do what I do, and make a "mule" character. Which has nothing on it, and
    you use JUST to make items. Never save the changes on this "mule."
    After you have opened a character, going to the "inventory" tab in Jamella. On the bottom
    right of that screen is the "Built in Item Tree." Here, you can pick out an item of you choice, and
    do whatever you like you it. Be sure the items are UNIQUE! Now, add attributies, sockets, etc.
    When you're all done making you item "pretty" right click on the item, and click "Save to File." Save
    it in a place you will remember, such as My Documents.

    -Applying the Color

    Now that you that you have saved the file, you must open the hex editor that I gave you.
    This is what I use from time to time. I also use Hex Workshop. Although, this program is alot easier
    if you're a newbie to making whites.
    Now, open the file you saved, into the Hex Editor. When it opens up, you shoul see a crap
    load of numbers, and letters. Well, probably two rows. If you;re using the HHD Hex Editor which I
    gave you, and are not familier with Hex, look for line 00000010. This should be the second line. Now,
    as you can see, there are "sets" of decimals. From line 00000010 go over to the FOURTH set of
    numbers. The 4th and 5th sets of numbers are what you will change. Here's an example:

    00000010 43 5f 67 72 06 f4 00 43 23 (the red being what you want to change)

    Now, change those numbers to: 71 0A (that's the code for white "swordguard")

    Then save the file, and close the hex editor. If you leave the fil open in the hex editor, it will mess up
    the item, SO, CLOSE THE ITEM!

    If you know Hex well, and want the "easy" discription. Then do this:

    Offset 0x00000013 to 71 and 0x00000014 to 0A

    BTW: The code for black is: 71 0c (same place as the white code!)

    -Adding the Item to you Character

    Now that you have saved the item, you must now open Shadow Master, and open the
    character that you want the white to be on. Go to the "Item" tab, and right click in your inventory
    and choose "Import Item." When the window opens up, find the item that you have created. After
    you do that, save you character, and go play Diablo! That's it! You have your own first white!
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    Jamella 1.09 For Newbs

    Well i made this for all the people who arent sure on how to make hacked items work without getting errors. Just in case there are some in this forum.

    -=Step 1, Your Character's Setup=-

    Make a character in wich you want hacked items(I use a barb because hacking the swords is teh best!)

    Go to the rouge camp and DROP EVERYHTING YUOR CHARACTER HAS. This includes watever he is equiped with, scrolls and potions.

    Next save and exit, then shut off diablo.

    -=Step 2, Hacking your Items=-

    Now open up Jamella(I use the beta of 1.09b) and click on inventory. Select the item you want to hack the crap out of.
    Don't add sockets to rings, ammulets or whatever isnt suposed to have sockets because it will screw up your character.
    Also dont add any MF or Find Gems to your items because you will get and error that says bad inventory data. Don't make the stats of your item excede its limit because you will also get a bad inventory data error.
    Make sure to save your items and save your character freequently.

    -=Step 3, The Part Most Don't Know=-
    Do not equip your character with your hacked items in Jamella. Instead put them in your inventory so you don't get a "Bad Dead Boddies" error.

    That's all, I think. If you want to make your items white then look at my guide in one of the stickies. I think its Open
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    [HOW TO] Make ith on SP 100% working

    I wrote a tutorial on how to make ITH items for Singplayer. This method worked 100% for me. More details here!

    ~coolmission ;)

    ~edit : ah forgot that we have a thread for all those tuts , sorry mods :(
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    no problem ill combine.
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    zon fire walk through

    ok here is an indepth list for all of you having probs using zonfire.
    i was gonna sit here and right this all today but fortunitally i got lucky and found all the required articles to make anyone new to zonfire to an editing pro.
    here we go first off u need to get zonfire located at this url
    Zonfire Editor's Complete Installation
    if your having errors getting zonfire to start up properly u need to go to this link and it will get u fixed
    Get Your 6 Missing Os Files Here
    now getting started with a indepth look and walkthrough of zonfire can be found here
    Zonfire does and donts
    advanced item editing this works in both 1.09 and 1.10 editors
    The New Helpful Basic Hints

    this should solve any and all post/questions on new editors/how to's
    ty to all of the great ppl at that released this information for public release ,and made this possible to do. All im doin is relaying all this info to one post in another forum

    peace out Dr.kronic
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    ~thx :) merged
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