*NEED HELP* for 2 UDs verse in AT

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    *Shouts* HELP US

    Basically my AT partner and I are both Undead players and we tend to go for the following strategy in most AT match-up after we rush with 7 ghouls (one of us) and 3 fiends (the other)

    ONE OF US:
    DK/Lich as 1st hero
    (Lich/DR as 2nd if possible)
    Fiends + necs and possibly Abominations if needed in late game.

    DK as 1st
    (Lich as 2nd if possible)
    Fiends + statues and eventually destroyers.

    Obviously this strategy does not counter all the match-ups in ATs, here are some of the problems we faced with each race:

    Human: if the humans go rifle casters one of us would go destroyers but i don't seem to get destroyers in time. if the human goes knights + gryphons, we never seem to get aboms fast enough.

    Orcs: what can we do about netting of Raiders and especially, the shaman/doctor combo

    Elf: how can we possibly counter dryds + bears!

    I think our strategy should be more dynamic to counter the races and we should scout more. Can you guys recommend alternatives for us and counters for those above problems?

    And can someone give us a link or something on the build/placement for UD so can block off annoying Blademaster?
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    Well, the Shamans and Docs can have their magic eaten by the Destros.

    Also, how good is your Focus Firing? Do you rush? Are they successful? :S
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    Well, Frost Nova for one helps. Slows down teh radiers. The issue with raiders is movement style of combat more than direct. If you fight them directly, they shouldnt be trouble.

    If you tend to run away a lot as well, raiders will just smash your forces slowly.

    For the casters, you need to get destroyers asap. Bloodlust can easily rip your army apart and I don't want to bring in just how nasty a 6 second AOE stun is. The Blademaster can easily be seen by having a Shade follow your hero around and keeping him out of the way if they slap a Sentry Ward to see your burrowed fiends. Or you can use Dust.

    Rush during the t1->t2 transfer. If the guy has brain cells, he would either have hunts (which fiends rape easily with Dream_walker's idea of Focus Firing). Or archers (which are just weak, unless you start KOTG, then its annoying). If they do get bears, you will need siege or heavy piercing to kill the dryads. I was gonna suggest Cripple the bears once the dryads are dealt with, that would make bears work at half effectiveness. Destroyers can eat the Roar and Rejuev that they have cast. But these units need to be careful around dryads.

    In other words: Bears suck, dryads are the threat.

    Also since 2 of you got DKs. Coil/Nova nuke a hero to kill him off easily. Especially with Blademasters and KOTGS (which are the real nuisances).

    Defendin from Baldemaster attacks is all about how close the Nerub tower is to the Gold Mine. Then you can micro the acols as teh bm chases them slowed. He may kill it off, but he may have to go thru 1-2 WWs to do it.