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    Alright, just make your own quests and have get people to join and have fun. Here is some history of the place there you will be playing.

    The land of Beralg is ancient and full of wonder. The land is controled by many kingdoms, The most powerful ones are Legio the human empire, ruled by one single king, people. The capitol is Lundia, other cities are Forpost the rich trading city, the thiefs and warrior guilds are located in there, Otshib the port city, naval academy and shipyard are in there. And those are just a few cities, there are many more. The other powerful kingdom is that of Darkrock dwarves, they turned the insides of the whole mountain into one giagantic city, they make best weapons and armor in the land. Third one is the elven kingdom of Joe'sha, they live in the forests behind the Dark Rock mountain and border with dwarves. There are many other kingdoms, but they are small and not that rich, there are also lands east of the human Impire there all is controled by warrior lords who take heavy taxes from villages surrounding their domain.
    ( Annyone who wants to be a dragon, or some over race accepted here should PM me and tell their ideas about the land lets say Dragons are from, i am gonna read all the suggestions on the creations of new kingdoms and lands and gonan pick one i think is the best and post info about it in a separate thread so all will be able to see, i am also gonna add some in fo about the lands and kingdoms as story progresses. If you want to rule your oown kingdom PM me with the name, history, and race that lives in it, also if you want to be a warrior lord then you should also PM me, there are gonna be 5 warrior lords, if you weren't chosen then you can still buy yourselves soldiers and make small armies, Igor by the way is looking for vengence and tries to get his tribe back from a warrior lord who killed his father then Igor was just a child)

    I use Igor, go check Blinking mirror or some of my privious RPR's to see his stats.

    *Igor walks to the gates of Legio, shows his papers to the guards, they let him in. he stops at the tavern, buys himself some beer, and looks at the sky throung the window, his eyes turn blue for one second, he finishes his beer, and says quietly*
    "so it begins"

    (Oh and before i forget, i control the king, and if you want to start a war you might, but i dont want you to start a war alone, you will have to buy or earn yourselves an army)

    *The king is calling for capable warriors to come and do some quest for him, city criers have spoken to everyone who wants to join and told them that they should come to the palace october 27, Igor arrived 2 days before the recruitment begins.*

    (alright people join up, not everyone has to be in the same party those who join up a bit later will be in a party that rivls with that of Igor's in compliting king's quest)

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