MuofLegend Season 6 Epi 2 Online Join US NOW !

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    Server online since yesterday come register to enjoy and be the number one in the ranking.

    Remember to activate your account thru an email and also remember that we are providing you 5000 credits and 5000 wCoint so in that way you wont have to start from zero and last but not least remember to check the preview from the server configuration and come to register in our forum to get fully support , chat , lots of fun and also to try out a Staff position if that’s your decision

    We are giving out 1000 stat points to any of your new character , to be informed from the latest updates and all the related to the server please read the Web News.

    The day of today I am coming here to bring you a brand new server where we are thinking in your enjoyment where you will be able to have strong relations with what is really a Mu and not what the competition has been offering during the past years which is Full experience servers with Hundreds of Game Master , Edited characters and Free items everywhere that wont even last for even a single month just because those servers wasn’t created thinking on you but on the money.
    Actually Today we are bringing you a new propose to the Mu online Community with special characteristics like 1000 exp and 80 percent drop and another surprises yet to come.
    If you are really tired from playing easy Mu servers which are not fun anymore to you so then just please come and join us and expect nothing but the best from our server where all your ideas will be heard and for sure most of them will become actions and not only single ideas.

    This server was created 2 weeks ago but now we decided to launch our beta test, where there is already some users playing and helping us to fix some undesired bugs , so that’s mainly the idea to open this test where you can come and suggest and help us .

    So having said that I would like to invite you to our main website which is

    News - Season 6 Episodio 3 Bugless

    Here you will know more from our propose

    MuOfLegend Preview Features!

    And also to solve any issues or common questions please come to our Forum community
    Skype: Drakezael

    Greetings and remember that all your ideas will be important for us