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    If there is a sticky you do not see here. Please contact a Moderator, Staff Member, or Administrator, and we'll get it back on this list ASAP.

    General Guides
    FFA Guide v1.2 ~ By: Emperor Pan I General Solo Guide ~ By: Impact02

    Orc Stickies:
    Power of the Horde - Orc Basics ~ By: Hellwolf_36 (being written)

    Neutral Heroes
    Hero Strategy: Goblin Alchemist ~ By: Revelade
    Hero Strategy: Pit Lord ~ By: Hellwolf_36
    Hero Strategy: Beastmaster ~ By: Hellwolf_36
    Hero Strategy: Goblin Tinker ~ By: Revelade
    Hero Strategy: Firelord ~ By: Hellwolf_36
    Strategy for the Brewmaster and Dark Ranger are in Ntrik's Night Elf guide.


    Anything you'd like to add onto our guides? Or suggestions? or changes that maybe needed? PM Hellwolf_36

    If we approve, notify us when you are done and everything is fully checked, so we can properly close it.

    [Outdated] = this means that certain guides were made based on the previous versions.

    NtRik_: Little sidenote I might add here, as you may have noticed, many of these guides are old, and outdated. I would appreciate anyone sending me PM's to update these guides. Not saying that these guides are completely useless of course :p I just think little bit of updating is needed, and Im not expert on all 4 races.

    Note that most hero strategies work in any form of combat. Whether its Solo to even 4 on 4. We encourage you to make your own hero strategies, and use ours to get a good head start :)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.