Ijes Creek

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  1. This is a prequle to my Vietnam book Ijes Creek (which coincidently im going to be using my digital camera experience to make it into a movie as my neighborhood is perfect for it. I'll post it on a website if i get positive feedback here)

    Dirt was flying through the air. Screams of fallen men echoed in the small canyon vally in Vietnam, and the odds were stacked against this small regiment from North Valley, Ohio. Kirk McFereson lay proned on the grass, M-4 rifle in his hand blarring. The vibrations and ****back hurt, but he felt it not. All he knew was what he was told, and that wasnt that much. He did not know why his regiment was assigned to defend this creek. He did not know why they were even in Vietnam. But he fought on, with the bravery, and courage of a true american hero. A glance to the left reveiled his men werent doing well. Hal Steiner, the man that had saved his life, lay there bleeding, a bullet lodged into his collar bone. He was in a daze, watching his fallen comrad bleeding to death, and there was nothing he could do. The medics were tending to him but it wasnt much use. Suddenly, Kirk's head jurked forward, a bullet had hit him. Lucky for him his helmet stopped it. He pulled off his helmet and starred at the bullet lodged in it, and again his head was thrown forward, this time no helmet to stop it. Hank Pyme was scarred. He had just seen two men he knew well get shot, and he sat there in the foxhole with his M-4 pulled closely to his chest. He had hoped to slip out of sight. But he would not be so lucky. His commanding officer approached him and said,

    "Get some of your guys and loop around that hill side to Ijes Creek! They just radioed in, and they're in pretty bad shape!" Major Earl Hollington's voice was cold and harsh, which was normal for he had been out here for 23 hours screaming orders to anyman still alive. "Man that gunner's nest" Was a common one as the vietnamese would launch RPG's into them.

    "Yes sir" A common fraise around here. He grabbed 4 men quickly, a sniper, two gunners, and a medic. He threw a radio over one should, and a high calibur machine gun over the other. They informed the mortor team to lay some cover, and as soon as those gernades were in the air, they made a run for it. Dashing over the blood stained grass, tears were falling from Hank's cheeks. Not noticing a large rock, he stumbled on it, and was shot in the leg. One of the gunners doubled back, grabbed him and carried him over to the hillside above the creek. There were 7 men laying on the grass, and yet only 4 were alive. The vietnamese pushed ever closer and it was hard to keep pushing them back. Hank threw his rifle on the ground and set up a gunners nest. Dirt filled the air, and combined with the smell of rotting bodies and blood, it choked most anyone out there. With the nest set up and his finger on the trigger, the gunners dropped the enemy fast. They were dead before they hit the ground. The sniper was perched in a nearby tree trying to get a shot at the Vietnamese Stationary Outpost, where their enemy's higest ranking officials were pearched. One shot. Two Shot. Three shots were fired into it, and two men dropped. Hank heard a noise and glanced back to see what it was. An RPG Missile crashed into the gunners nest, and Hank went flying down into the river, his arm gone and his leg badly wounded. The water ran red that day. A deep, bloody red.
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