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    For the most part, the forum stickies are outdated and antiquated.

    We would like BattleForums to be the informative forum it once was. Here's your chance to help us bring it back to that level.

    We welcome all members to submit content through this forum. If you feel there's a thread stickied that should not be stickied, please do not post a thread here regarding that issue. Instead, report the thread and we will look into it. If you feel a thread needs to be updated, feel free to post your updated version here. If we feel you have created a better version, we will transfer the content from your submission to the thread.

    We ask that when posting the thread, you include the following details at the top of the thread:
    • Desired Thread Location: Forum Name
    • Closed or Open

    Members may post a thread in this forum but you will only be able to reply to your own thread. The Forum Staff will have the ability to reply to any thread in the forum, and we will frequently make suggestions to you by posting in your thread. Keep in mind, your thread may have multiple posts. If we do decide that your submission is worthy of being stickied, we will delete all comments and move it to the correct forum.

    Please note the following:
    • Do not directly copy content from other websites unless you reference the website in your post.
    • A submission that has been spell checked and is grammatically correct has a much higher chance of being accepted than a poorly written one.
    • Do not post very general content. For example, do not post a thread with the name and description of each race of World of Warcraft. This information is already available at

    At this point, there's no reward for submitting content. Consider it a community service.

    Thanks :)
Thread Status:
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