How to EXPRESS you OPINION without getting BANNED

Discussion in 'Forum Support' started by Lizardbreath, Nov 6, 2007.

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    Lately I think there has been some confusion that people think they can't express their opinion at all without getting banned.
    Here is a few simple things to get your ideas out there without getting banned.

    1. If you have a problem with Max, don't make a thread about it, send him a PM. He is more then willing to discuss whatever problems you have with the forums. Link(

    2. If you have an issue or would like to give a suggestion about what you think should/shouldn't be done to the forum, post it in the forum support section. Link ( Just make sure they are within the forum guideline.

    3. If Max is not on and you have a question about BF contant an administrator(who's names are in red) or a moderator ( ) who's names are in yellow.

    4. If you want to alleviate your need to spam, do so in the void. This section is dedicated to whatever garbage you feel you need to post. Just make sure that whatever you post is not Flaming or doesn't violate our forums policies. Link (

    Now that we have designated the proper places to suggest your opinion, I am going to help you differentiate between what is a good way to express your opinion and what is the wrong way to express your opinion.

    Good way to express your opinion

    1. Making a thread in forum support about how you want more smilies, feel a section should be run, or if you are having a technical problem with the site.

    2. If you have a problem with Max, Sending him a Private message about it to him or an administrator so they can put it in bstaff.

    3. If you have a problem with somebody's posts please report them (REPORTING POSTS LINK:

    The WRONG way to express your opinion (which will most likely result in an infraction or being banned)

    1. Making a thread in chit-chat about how much you think the site sucks and the staff sucks.

    2. Making a thread in any of the gaming forums saying this site sucks or the staff sucks.

    3. Spamming outside the void

    4. Making multiple threads on the same topic, after your threads have been closed and decided on by the staff.

    5. Being disruptive by posting in every thread about the problem you have with how you think the staff sucks and the site sucks.

    6. Flaming other members (which is against our forum guidelines)

    The one I would like to emphasize most is #5, because some members here think they were unjustly banned and/or having their opinion censored.

    Your opinion is not being censored so long as it doesn't violate the forum policies. However making 7 threads on how you think "insert name here" shouldn't have been banned or how much the "administration" sucks is excessive and disruptive. Especially since there is most likely somebody who has made a thread about your exact issue. So instead of deciding to make a thread about it, use the search function and/or browse the forum support/chit-chat section and see if your issue is being discussed.

    If a thread has been closed, then so has that topic, it's NOT an OPEN invitation for you to create yet another thread on that issue. Nor is it an invitation for you to go spamming through chit-chat in every thread about how much you disagree with that issue. If you care to talk about it further, contact a member of the staff and see if you can get your topic posted in bstaff.

    Hopefully this may help to clear some things up. :)