how do you break the terran D with toss?

Discussion in 'StarCraft Strategy Guides' started by Snagg, Jun 4, 2005.

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    Same thing from me: Carriers with your regular goon/zeal mix on the ground and maybe some HTs for gollies. If a Terran turtles like that, double expand on LT and tech to carriers immediately and hit him once you have around 5-6. In the meantime, contain him, and prevent him from expoing through storm drops, good scouting of resource nodes and basically keep him boxed in at his choke while you expand another time once you're building carriers. Probe production should be non-stop too since you don't want a turtling terran to hurt you econ with large doom-drops (gollie/tank) consisting of very mobile 3-4 dships. Once you've reached carrier tech though, and T is still turtling, you've basically won the game there. If he (somehow) gets too many wraiths, get around 4-5 sairs to deal splash dmg while your carriers take them out. NEVER send in carriers without enough obs (6 or so)!
    Scan/snipe techniques of wraiths can really **** you up.

    EDIT:Arbs and recall are nice too^.-