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Discussion in 'Chat & Discuss' started by CrazyKooK, Nov 16, 2011.

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    I've heard about Google moving in this direction but it became truly apparent to me these last few days. I have been removing gobs of spam from that douchebag that posts ugg links, and now whenever I surf the web I keep seeing ads for ugg boots whenever I'm on the most highly unrelated sites. Explains why World of Warcraft ads have been following me on the internet for years. I just thought that WoW had a huge ad budget or something.

    did a quick search for "analog" and 5 seconds later I've visited multiple sites trying to sell me analog cables.

    Don't mind that Google is tracking all this on me, not a big personal privacy guy, but sometimes the crap ads that show up are so off-base that it bothers me.... and World of Warcraft, No I am not coming back with a "free" trial.